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Agriculture is undoubtedly the backbone of many countries, communities, and families in the world especially in Africa where we have fertile soil. So if Agriculture plays such important role, why does the youth shun Agriculture and why are most farmers still poor. Why does a country like Ghana with rich and fertile soil and favorable weather conditions still imports daily consumables from other countries which are even near desert conditions?

In Ghana, graduate unemployment rate is 44% which increases by 75,000 every year according to the Trade Union Congress. On the other hand, small holder farmers are not able to add value to their produce leaving them with no option than to sell at a very low price.

According to the world bank, the world's population is on track to 9 billion in 2050, that means additional 2 billion. How do we feed all these people when most people especially the youth want to be lawyers,doctors,engineers etc,without considering this sector. Who will grow the food? Where are the farmers? What will be the change if graduates work hand in hand with smallholder farmers?

This is a Global problem and Guzakuza want to be a part of the solution. We imagine a society where young women graduates are proud to be Agripreneurs, a society where the smallholder farmer is able to add value to her farm produce and sells at maximum profit. A sure way to escape poverty.

You can be a partner,an invester,a mentor,a facilitator,a donor a volunteer and many more. Just contact Nana Adjoa on nanaghana@ymail.com or 00233 233 667 666 Thank you for your interest in Guzakuza: Growing women Agripreneurs.

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An urgent global call to action indeed , Nana! We in the Philippines experience the same thing: young people leaving the rural areas to work as call center agents or sales clerks in the mall. In schools, agriculture schools are suffering from lack of enrollees.What will happen to us when there will be no more people willing to farm and produce food? Our challenge awaits us: how do we make agriculture attractive? Please share to us your strategies and tools in promoting agripreneurship...join us in our Economic Empowerement group as we stay connected and promote ways of helping women and families attain economic empowerement. Visit us in this link   https://www.worldpulse.com/en/community/groups/economic-empowerment-group


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