Here is a wonderful article published on our sustainable indigenous health project implemented for indigenous cultures in the Manu Rain Forest, located in the southeastern Peruvian Amazon. The water continues to flow clean (to US water quality standards), sanitation ; bathrooms at the village schoolhouse no longer contaminating the local eco-system, and the daily health practices among the children and community members simply transformed.

I will post our health results soon! They are very encouraging!

Blessings, Nancy Santullo Founder House of the Children


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As I read this post, I wanted to know more about who you are- read your other entries. What a path to move from LA to the rain forests of Peru following your deepest passions. Pulsewire fits so well with your organization, sharing the challenges and successes as a model for other programs.

Traveling throughout So. America as a young woman some years ago, opened up my mind, heart, and desire to know poeple from around the globe. I was fortunate to visit the Ecuadorian rain forest and experience a very tiny sliver of what life was like.

So glad you are sharing your story in the Manu Rain Forest.

Look forward to hearing the advancements for House of the Children.

Warmly, Laura

Hi Laura,

Its been an amazing journey of self discovery and going beyond all I know myself to be as I wander the Peruvian Amazon!

Thanks for your note! Lots of love, Nan

Hi Nan,

Thank you for the link and update to this wonderful article that justly highlights all the incredible work that you have done and continue to do. Please continue to keep us updated. We stand behind all that you do and celebrate in the achievements you and the people of the Manu Rainforest have made in the name of empowerment.

Warm regards, Jade

Thanks Jade for your kind words and support. My best lays before me as I work to fund this ongoing dream for the indigenous of Manu. BTW...Manu in Hindi means oath of truth! Lots of love to you! Nan

Amazing work, I must say. So many people can benefit from such a simple, cost-efficient process.

I am actually working in the other side of the water availability subject, planning for phytoremediation of wastewaters in the Bogotá River. If you have any information on the technicalities of this area of the water system I would really appreciate it.

Once again, congratulations for your inspiring work and lots of energy to continue,