We develop people through entrepreneurship - Semarang, Java, Indonesia

Posted February 24, 2018
tangan terampil
tangan terampil : Komunitas bagi perempuan yang ingin menambah penghasilan melalui kegiatan kegiatan pelatihan kewirausahaan. Komunitas Tangan Terampil berlokasi di Semarang, Jawa, Indonesia. (1/3)


my name is Naneth, from Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia. It a honor to be connected in here.

I build community in my neighourhood specialized for marginal women. We called it, Tangan Terampil Community. Tangan Terampil in bahasa, means, the hands that capable and survive to create something. Our aims is to help women to increase their welfare by creating handicraft. Thats why we have tagline "We develop people through entrepreneurship".

please kindly visit our website www.tanganterampi.org

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Feb 25
Feb 25

Naneth my dear, you are welcome here.... I'm glad to read about your initiative, we have similar interests, empower women through entrepreneurship by creating crafts for financial stability.

I will definitely check out your website.

once again, welcome to our amazing community.

Hi there Naneth:-) Welcome to World Pulse! Thanks for sharing your initiative, organization and vision with us. Is this your website: http://tanganterampil.org/? The link above needs to be updated, I think, so people can find you:) Do you have any social media page(s)?

Mar 21
Mar 21

Hello Naneth, welcome to World Pulse! It's great to have you here and thank you for sharing your new Initiative with us. I particularly like that name, so much depth. Well done.
You need to update the link you shared above, just like Jlanghus pointed out earlier, I think it might be broken or something because it doesn't launch your website.

Keep up the good work, looking forward to reading more about your progress. Blessings!

Beth Lacey
Apr 04
Apr 04

I wish you much luck!

Lis Sal
Dec 07
Dec 07

Hi Naneth,
Nice meeting you here. :-) and thanks for sharing your story with us. Its very inspiring.

Kind regards