My big idea for bringing women together globally using media and communication.

I want to create “new symbol” to replace words and language to be used by grass root women in communicating and shared their information, ideas, and experiences. This symbol must be simple but creative so that when women have access to internet, they can connected with all other women from all over the world without any worries about language problems. For this idea, I need to work with people who understand technology, to create computer who use symbol rather than words or character. The symbol must be globally understood by the all the grass root.

Then, women will write “her-story” and communicate using the symbol via internet (Nani)

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This is a great idea. It's interesting to think about how many symbols are in use today. I instant message (using a free program called Skype) with Leah (she likely registered you on PulseWire!) often (me in Portland, she in Migori) and we use symbols called emoticons to communicate across the wires. They help us to share our state of emotions and keep the virtual chat loving and supportive.

I love the idea of using symbols here on PulseWire. I attached a picture of a few emoticons from Skype in my journal , just in case you don't use that program. You can see them here:

xxoo, Jennifer

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I think this is a great idea. This is such a large, complex world we live in and there is no universal language that we can communicate in online. I think that your idea to create a language using symbols will make it much easier for women across the world to communicate regardless of their native language. I encourage you to further explore this solution to cross-cultural communication.

Cheers, Jade

Wouldn't it be fantastic if we could create an entirely new language based on commonly understood symbols! I believe that a lot of natural elements have common symbolic understandings. Maybe this new language of symbols would include a lot of these natural elements. Have you seen Rosemary's post about the artwork being created by Osprey Orielle Lake? The artist's goal is to use the symbolism of water as a representation of hope and life. Very interesting and beautiful.

Here is the link to her post if you haven't seen it:

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