Continuing education, development, experience, three important words may not gain attention , but for many ambitions people those words are important in their life and their careers as well ,since the beginning of my career in journalism and I believe that in order to continue competing with others specially men , you do not allow you’re self to stop at a certain limit in learning , so I’m determined to continue my education and to receive many certificates wither from Egypt or abroad, and I believe that the press is a developing occupation specially after the several revolutions in the middle east , this is why Egyptian journalists have to cope with the modern media in order to cover the constancy of the events during the transitional period in Egypt , so I hope for myself to constantly evolving in order to live up to a high level in journalism , so I’ve spotted you’re organization in a website in order to achieve my goal, and to be part of your respectable members.

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Nano you are right. Education, development, and experience are three key things you need to get you where it sounds like you wish to be. Egypt is at an exciting time in its history. I wish you the best of luck!


thank you Kathy , i hope you read my next journal it's about the problems and the barriers that we face as female journalists in Egypt, looking forward to your comments

Nagwa Nasr

I do agree with you when you say that education, development and experience are important however I would loved to read more about how these three words affecting your life.