Nobody speaks for me I speak for myself

The topic: Politics I preferred Candidate A He preferred Candidate B An intellectual debate rose Or so we thought He acknowledged that I have a functional brain I love it, am all geared up. I take my place beside him as a worthy opponent 20 or so minutes later He got personal My intellect was up for questioning He was getting frustrated and pushy I, as a woman, should back down I should support his candidate Despite my better judgment Despite being of sound mind He is the Man, My Man Am the Woman, His Woman He is expects nothing but submission He is hurt and angry that I persist Persist to drive my point across Persist to defend my stand Persist to stand my ground Am shocked! But backing down is not an option He tears down at my femininity I hear words like: submission, humility, He talks about his ideal wife He describes a dumb, brainless me I am bleeding inside He dangles marriage to me like a carrot to a horse I will cry later Right now, I have to wear feminism as an armour For my sake, for my daughter’s sake She has to grow in a home where the woman’s voice is heard and respected. Right now, I have to wear feminism as an armour

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This is a powerful poem that captures your courage, your defiance, your fighting spirit. You rightly make no apologies and for that, you will be a strong role model for your daughter.

You write beautifully and end on a powerful note. Well Done!