A screen impresion taken by Alejandra just one minute before the page were put down
  • A screen impresion taken by Alejandra just one minute before the page were put down

Something wonderful has just happened. One hour ago, around 9:15 pm, I was checking my facebook when one woman,called Nour, one person among the thousands of contacts I have in this social net, sent me a message telling me there was a page called "I hate women" (in spanish "Yo odio a las mujeres") that promotes raping, gender violence and sexual abuse against girls.

Nour made a simple thing: Talk. And I made a simply thing: pay attention to her. I put the link to the page in my wall and in some nets and groups I am participating like the Argentinian net of gender comunication, women against violence and group of gender antropologists asking "please, help me to bring down this page, denounce it!". I put a message in twitter too.

Around one hour after, 10:20 pm, Alejandra, a woman from central america, sent me a twitter to tell me the page was brought down. An awful page calling people to attack women because "is the best way to put them in the right place" was suprimed from social nets, thanks to the ability of women and men to pay attention, to feel the pulse of the environment and be clear about when they have to stand up and take an action to make the difference.

Today I see again the power of social nets to built communities in order to defend and protect human rights and promote safe environment where people can empower themselves. I don't know personally to all the people I am in contact everyday; I never visited the most of all those who share their information, send me feedbacks or share my blogposts; sometimes I receive message from women telling me they feel represented for my voice;to the most of them maybe I will never have the lifetime and the chance to meet them but Is wonderful to be connected and to know I don't need to be physically approved to do it.

Even I don't know Nour personally and, I have to say, I know we disagree in many things related to gender, I am happy that beyond opinions, we agree in when is the time to work together; I am humbly thankful she trusted me enough to involve me and allow me to contribute in making the difference and put that terrible page off line.I feel very proud to see how the "Power to the People" concept works and be part of it.

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That is wonderful news Nasreen. This is testimony to the fact that when you educate and empower women, they can never be silenced again! Well done to you.

Thank you so much for sharing and for taking action on this issue! It just goes to show when we speak up, we can change things!


"Tell me then, what will you do with your one wild, sweet, and precious life?" -Mary Oliver

Dear Nasreen,

Congratulations for your courage and prompt action and conviction to right a wrong! You are an inspiration to all of us.

Thank you for sharing!

Warmly, Ellie