‏ ‏My mom is a teacher she try for her children very much . She always wants ‎to be a good teacher . that can teaches to the students and can participate in ‎recons ruction of Afghanistan . Especially the poor areas. We should support our ‎country and fail the enemies. During past years many schools homes and other ‎places were destroyed by insurgents but we always are trying to support our ‎Afghanistan. ‎

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Dearest Nasrin,

Your mother is a wonderful woman - as a teacher and inspiration! Education is a powerful weapon, much more powerful than any gun or bomb. And I believe that over time, as more women and children have access to education, the world will be a more peaceful place.

Tell me more about your life Nasrin. What is your favorite subject in school? How is life different now from the past years of insurgents? Is life becoming more peaceful? What is your dream for the future?

In friendship, Jade

Nasrin, I cannot imagine the challenges you face every day as you walk out your door to go to school. Whether it be the uncertainty of whether the school will be closed, attacked as the schools in the Kunduz province were recently, or whether the teachers will turn up. I recently watched a documentary about the education of girls in Afghanistan and heard that until recently, 60% of students were studying in tents or other unprotected structures.

I so admire your mother for her drive to educate the young people in Afghanistan in spite of the many obstacles and forces working against her. The motivation of the young people to learn is so strong yet that is not enough. If there are no books, no classrooms, no schools, the students are lost. But it seems that slowly, there is increased support for the education of young girls and we all hold you in our thoughts that the situation only improves and that your mother can fulfill her dream to educate another generation. Best wishes, Janice