DOT Host Partner Center in Arua
  • DOT Host Partner Center in Arua
  • DOT Interns During Training
  • DOT Interns Facilitating Discussion
  • Women Participating in Online Training Session
  • The Road to Host Center in Gulu District
  • Our Host Center in Gulu
  • The Gulu Host Center External View
  • DOT Participant Graduation
  • Participants Expression of Access to Internet

A reflection of DOT Training In progress, graduation ceremony, the journeys we take and Centers that we work with to train young women.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to WWW: Women Weave the Web .

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Dear Natalie,

It is so encouraging to see these photos with such happy, excited faces. This ability now for us all to reach out and meet each other around the world is amazing in its possibilities. Thank you for these images. Now in addition I plan to read other news you have sent. I am glad to know that you are there, increasing internet knowledge for so many.

With Love In Sisterhood,


Dear Tamarack, Computers and Internet do excite people very much, And it is indeed amazing see how gaps can be closed with the Internet. Regards, Natalie

Natalie K

Hi Natalie! These pictures are great! I really liked all of them but especially the graduation ceremony (graduations are so fun! such well-deserved feelings of accomplishment!), the diagram and the interns facilitating discussion. It seems like DOT is making a huge difference and it's wonderful to see that be so evident in these pictures.

Thank you for sharing, and best wishes, Julia