...Although is not technically midnight here...Where should I start? I am Brazilian girl with a Russian name living in Panama. I majored in International Relations, I'm still majoring in Law and have an absolute passion for communications, mainly web 2.0 because of what it allows. It creates bridges. I keep going back to the "global village" metaphor and how much is true. Through web activism, causes and denunciation gained an international platform, which in many cases gave voice to those who can't speak for themselves. And that's absolutely inspiring.

I work with citizen security, primarily armed violence reduction/arms control. I could say it was a general concern with the problem of armed violence in the world... And it would be a lie. It started with my backyard, my neighborhood... My city. Why so many people die violently here? This was a while ago and things got a lot better in Rio, but I always was looking for the academic link to a close reality. The academic link became a cause which became my work which is now a great part of me.

It is very uplifting to be here in the presence, even if it's just the virtual one of so many great women. Working on security issues can be tough, specially if you're a young woman because you tend to be treated condescendingly, and although I've been raised to be strong and a pacifistic, sometimes one overlaps the other and I feel like screaming or punching someone in the face, and then I breathe and now I remember you guys, and you tales of overcoming barriers that seemed unbreakable and I realize it's one step towards what I want to become. And my greatest revenge is to work hard and be the best that I can be.

I know it takes a village, but this is a global one, and together we giving strength and perseverance to each other to make the world a better place by and for women.

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What an interesting background you have. I find that security struggles in any nation and becomes more violent when the government isn't providing and is corrupt itself. You should look into reparations and war crimes, which might be an interesting research topic for you. I look forward to hearing more of your insights.

With new found wisdom, Carri