Yes, it's me again.

The process it's over (not officially, but, it's out of our hands) So, let's now make a pledge! Keep posting at least once a month and let's keep encouraging each other. Let's us, Voices of the Future "Class of 2010" , make a pledge to be the sources of change everyday, because bottom line is changing a culture is not easy and it is an everyday struggle. So, let's stay together on this one.

I know we continue to see each other around here or perhaps in life, but I like all of you to know that it has been a honor and a privilege to share this space with you guys! And hope our idea of a virtual meeting work someday!

All the best, because all of you deserve it!

Natasha Leite

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I was already experiencing Wordpulse withdrawl. It just is not the same, writing for a blog or itinerary. This network is prime and we are all gathered for similar reasons. I value supporting others I eagerly await our continued success.

Withdraw it's a great way to put it. Right now I am in the midst of a organizing a major Knowledge Fair (5 days and counting) and through all the stress, worries and sleepless nights, I miss the rush of World Pulse.

Dear Natasha, With the electricity fluctuation in this part of India, causing damage to internet and my computer, I often feel like giving up using the internet access. With great difficulty I participated in the four weeks course. Therefore I was almost felt happy not bound, but in fact I was very sad since I enjoyed the interaction of many friends like you. I do feel that your suggestion is good. It is encouraging. I will keep writing once in a way, with a gap not more than two weeks. Warmly, Vasantha

I agree. It's so important to keep writing... not just for a contest, but for US. We NEED it.

For all of life is like that race with ups and downs and all. And all you have to do to win is rise each time you fall. “Quit! Give up! You’re beaten!” They still shout in my face. But another voice within me says “GET UP AND WIN THE RACE!” DH Groberg

The VOF course is a great thing, and I am eagerly waiting for the results. HOWEVER, those of us who are not selected to be part of the group of 30, still have the chance to write and post here. I have noticed that some of my friends have not posted anything in the past week ........... I also have not. The pressure of deadlines is off, and even though my thoughts are running full, I have to do some of the things that I neglected these past weeks. But whether we are lucky to be chosen or not, we still have thoughts and experiences that we want to share. And regardless of the class, this is a good place to do it..............keep writing everyone!


Hi Natasha

Nice to hear from you over there.Well VOF classes are over for now even though the upcoming one will be for the elected, for the 30.I believe we still have chance on our platform.And i understand we were never told to stop posting so as you encourage us to keep the fire burning its good and healthy for us because these encouragements are so massive.Our eyes are opened beyond now.We are together Natasha

Wherever we are lets see to it that we work on our visisons.With our hands,mouth,feet we can do something.So lets keep helping other people,while we dont forget to check our fellows here on the net.

Anyway Natasha that was lovely gal, keep rocking us with your great ideas, you are so amazing Gal.Thank you for sharing with us.

Wish you all the best


"success will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time " And when confronted conquer with love

Indeed! I think I have noticed that since last week, everyone has gone off the boil a bit. We aren't sharing and we aren't reading each other, which is such a pity as this platform is so good for us all, not just to get chosen for the VOF programme but also just to express ourselves!

Let's keep at it. I take the pledge!

from today i live out of my imagination i am more than my yesterday tomorrow i plant a new seed nothing that lies behind easy nothing that is ahead real my within is all i have today Napo Masheane

Dear Samantha,

Yes of course ! ! ! I'd like it to be that way,we've started communicating with each other for four weeks and while it is on stalemate,we can make it productive for everybody to have more chance to develop themselves/ourselves which we have already started.I have to accept it that I still need more time to read other entry which I wasn't able to do.So; I really agree to your suggestion,let's start the ball rolling again ! ! !

Hi Sister Natasha! That was real brilliant of you to suggest a PLEDGE! Wow ... we truly need that, because we are not just sisters, we are FAMILY now! And as family, we belong to one another and the bonding must go on and on .... isn't it really great to have everyone of us here hold on and hold fast to this amazing community of women ... all across the skies!!!! Actually, I have already found special friends and soul-mates here at World Pulse and it's cool to connect anytime, all the time! Great idea, sister Nat!

Always, Emie Zozobrado

Hi Natasha Leite

I feel so warm to hear this friendly voice. It sounds so united, I do promise to keep in touch as long as the internet connection here is accessible. I am really happy to meet you all here. See you soon!

Best Regards


Congratulations on Very Happy Teachers Day through ten years journey!

Dear Natasha

I go for it !


Sahar Nuraddin

follow me @ssnuraddin--------------"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."- Helen Keller

I felt so much energy during the 4 weeks and the connection was electric! I don't want to see that diminish, so I am with you, sister!