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In 2007, Sarsabz Foundation started groundbreaking project ‘Entrepreneurship Development for Economic Empowerment of Women’ (EDEW) in collaboration with the PAGE-CIDA. The project amid at develop entrepreneurial traits of women entrepreneurs for starting business or expand their existing business and enhancing their capacities in managing their enterprise efficiently and effectively. “Telling Their Stories” Is a tribute to the epic struggle of women entrepreneurs and highlights of the some shining stars of EDEW project which came from verity of backgrounds are involved in various business, who have overcome social, political and legal barriers to achieve economic success. For further reading-…/documents/Telling%20Their%20Stories.pdf

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How so nice the organization. Actually, it's hard for me to understand everything you mentioned but I knew this is for improvig the capacities of women. I am happy to know this organization because I could learn about it for which I can get information for my fture.