About Me: i believe i am a very fast learner , very passionate with a good background about architecture as it was my major at school , i am a hard worker , task oriented and very determined. i believe i will easily get adopted to such new environment as i got involved into too many activities before, which gave me the experience to endure any changes or unexpected events. i am very artistic, i love to do handi-crafts and upcycling, i am very concerned about the environment and changing the world into greener one and changing the world into a better place in general. I am a very sportive and healthy person , I work-out on a regular basis and I think it’s one of the most important activities of my day. I used to play synchronized ballet for 10 years , I love Reading , hiking and camping. I speak French as my second language which I learnt at school and at the French institute in Cairo. I like getting involved in voluntary work by participating in several seminars and workshops organized by Egyptian NGOs.

My Passions: painting , sports , music , dancing , travelling , reading

My Challenges: languages in general and doing my masters in France

My Vision for the Future: changing the world

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Thanks a lot for your welcoming , i am pleased to have u as a new friend , i am wishing to have a fruitful time on this website , hope to change a lot and to meet new awesome people who are also willing to be changing and change the world as a whole .

much love ,


Hello, Welcome to our vibrant World Pulse online community! It is a pleasure to have you with us. Here you will find people from over 190 countries to network and connect with. You'll be able to find people who share your interests and passions as it is a very positive, support space.

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hey there umme mahbuba , thanks alot for ur request m its a pleasure for me to be added onto ur list, i am glad to meet u in such postive circumstances and community where we can easily express ourselves and put some change into the world. i would love to read some of ur journals as well ,looking forward to be following ur steps. much love ,