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Our lives are our own blank canvases and we have the freedom to color it as we like. To many, life is all about fulfilling personal desires; to many it is about buying fancy clothes and using expensive gadgets; to many others, it is all about spreading joy and happiness all around them; it is about finding beauties in the smallest things in life and challenging the normative definitions of “success” and “responsibility.”

It amazes me to see countless youth-lead organizations such as One Degree Initiative, Jaago Foundation, Centre for Leadership Assistance (CLAP),etc doing an enormous amount of work in addressing the micro-level problems at the very grass-roots level in Bangladesh. The linear growth of such organizations that concentrate on issues of health, education, leadership, gender discrimination, accessibility to information is indeed a very positive sign for our society. In addition, increased participation of students from all over the country is an indicator of coordination, better communication and integration. Projects carried out to distribute winter clothes to the ultra-poor, make-shift schools to teach domestic workers, attempts to organize workshops and seminars show that the present generation is thinking about the problems that have been haunting our societies for so long now. It shows that many have taken the responsibility to work towards a change voluntarily.

Center for Leadership Assistance and Promotion started its journey in 2010 and ever since,it has focused all its activities to promote leadership amongst the youth of the country,regardless of what economic background you come from. Mowmita Basak,co-founder of CLAP believes that leadership is the key to recurring change.With her sincere efforts and the hard-work of 50 volunteers from all over Chittagong,CLAP had organised a workshop for slum children dwelling in a slum near Muradpur Railway Station(Chittagong) on 17th November,2010.The work ethics of the team resonates with Ella Wheeler Willcox, an American author and poet's words, “Change is the watchword of progression. When we tire of well-worn ways, we seek for new. This restless craving in the souls of men spurs them to climb, and to seek the mountain view.” The sincere efforts of all the dedicated volunteers and their shared vision of bringing about changes in their very small ways indeed shine light on the distant future which I hope holds greater promises for us.

Here's to the the wonderful team of CLAP- a big thumbs up!

Photo Credits: Sanjay Shuvro

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Hi Nawra,

Thanks for posting about the CLAP organization. It is always inspiring to hear about the good works of different organizations throughout the world!



Dear Sarah,

CLAP has arranged for a series of events related to community awareness.I will be posting pictures and writing on these events from time to time.Please stay tuned with us :)

-love Nawra

Nawra Mehrin