Violence Against Women

Nazifa Rahmani
Posted July 14, 2010 from Afghanistan

Violence against women spread in most of communities. Similarly, our country also faces numerous types of violence against women.

The story that I am going to convey is very instructive and worthy of attention. In immigration condition while living in Peshawar city of Pakistan I have face a family in my neighborhood whose daughter in law was suffering lots of cruelties. The family had two daughters and one married son named Mr. Farid.Mr. Farid had his job in Kabul. He was visiting his family after each two months. During the time that he is away of home, his wife had to suffer lots of difficulties and obligated to do all the house chores as a labor.

One day Mr. Farid came to Pakistan to visit his family. He was pleased to spend his time with his family member. After spending a few moments, his mother expressed many complains against his wife. He got upset and began to misbehave his wife. His wife felt his changed attitude.

After a short time, he asked his mother to go to Bazaar with him. Both mother and son went to Bazaar.

His wife got sure that when they will back she will be badly beaten by her husband so she couldn’t tolerate such a bad condition of her life and attempted to burn herself. During this time Mr. Farid’s sister shouted. I heard the noises so I came to their house and saw the terrible condition of Mr. Farid ’s wife that she was about to be burn. I prevented her from burning and rescued her life.

When Mr. Farid and his mother came to house, I advised both for about three hours. Since I was educated, I explained them Islamic Rights of Women, Importance of women and what will be the punishment of those who are women‘s rights violators.

Both Mr. Farid and his mother felt guilty and noticed their faults. They both decided to behave her well and concentrate on her rights and demands. Finally, they promised to provide her by all comforts of life.

Through saving Mr. Faird‘s wife actually I have saved the lives of the whole family. Thus I feel much proud of my spiritual contribution.

By mentioning this story, I want to convey the following points.

  1. It is important for each mother to behave their daughter-in-laws as daughter of the family and bless her by rights and humanity.

  2. Doing favor to the mankind has lots of worth according to Islam. As it is mentioned in Holy Quran that if you do favor to an individual, it means you have done favor to the whole mankind. Likewise, if you saved the life of one person, it indicates that you rescued thousand of people.

  3. Centralize on guidance of people. It is possible to provide a family spiritual support by guiding a family member and as well through guidance of a family; the whole society will be guided.

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