Dear Michelle Bachelet, Congratulations on your election as the UN Women Executive Director. I believe that your unique and painful history gives you a heart beat for the women of the world and thus it gives you an insight to the needs of the women of the world, especially the ones in third world countries.

MY VISION: Please employ me in the UN Women in Kenya and I promise to use a part of my salary to register and fund an organisation in Kibera slums of Kenya to empower women, by teaching them skills to enable them get loans to start small scale businesses. I am a Kenyan single lady, Nelly Migwy in my 30s, with a passion to upgrade the lives of the Kenyan women in my community of Kibera slums because I am one of them and as a victim of the post election violence,I realised economic empowerment of women in my community will help alleviate the burden of poverty. I was born and brought up dirt poor in the slums by a single mother with no idea of who my father is. I know the pain and struggles of women in my community of Kibera because I live there, sleeping on a mattress on the cold floor daily and eating one meal per day as they do.When it rains the holes in the roof are a wake up call as water seeps in and sleep is no longer a possibility. I began my life at 16yrs,as a house help in peoples homes and three times I had to escape different homes because the married men in these homes wanted to rape me.In my child hood I had an experience that is buried deep in my conscience and thus I now research the sexual violence meted out on women,and children in their homes silently. I have done odd jobs like hawking womens panties and bras in estates, cooking food for sale under a tree and when the city police turned up, taking my hot metal cooking pot and running off. Hahahaahahahahaa lol. Now that is an experience I would have to re-enact, for you to appreciate my humour.I have learnt to laugh at myself in light of my painful and harsh life, as I hold on to the hope that things will get better, Audacity of Hope. I have no degree, only a form four certificate and a desire to make a change in the lives of women in my community,so I teach myself via the internet in the offices I do odd jobs in. I believe the world is a giant puzzle box and all six billion plus in the world, is an individual beautiful puzzle piece that needs to fit correctly in the puzzle box, for us to all make a beautiful mosaic of harmoniuos art.Please I appeal to you, help me make my puzzle piece contribute to the empowerment of the Kenyan Kibera slums women, by employing me and also if possible invite me to the Womens meeting in New York this February, to meet and exchange ideas of a common goal with other women. Thank you. Sincerely yours, NELLY C.MIGWY MOBILE NO: 0728-029993. NAIROBI, KENYA.

As the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women officially begins its work this month, World Pulse is asking women worldwide: What is YOUR vision and recommendation for UN Women? We invite you to raise your voice by writing a letter to UN Women Executive Director Michelle Bachelet outlining your recommendation for how this new UN agency can truly affect change on the ground to promote gender equality and uphold the rights and needs of women both on a local and global scale. Learn more:

Take action! This post was submitted in response to UN Women: Visions and Recommendations.

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Dearest Nelly,

Thank you for participating in this campaign, by using your voice and speaking out for women in the Kibera slums. Your story is vital to understanding and acknowloging the needs of women in this region, and the potential for leadership that exists - including you. Your voice is strong!

In the coming weeks, we will compile your letters and share your voices with the GEAR Campaign, who have been working closely with UN Women to ensure the inclusion of civil society groups, and through the PulseWire community, grassroots women leaders, as they set their agenda. We will also be sending your letters directly to Michele Bachelet and other senior leaders of the newly formed UN agency, to demonstrate the effectiveness for sourcing opinion, knowledge and needs from the global grassroots women's movement through our online community. Through this, we hope to open a portal for our community to have a direct line of influence within the UN Women agency.

I will keep you updated on the progress of our campaign!

In friendship and solidarity, Jade