The Kenyan man James is suing female activities groups for persuading his wife to deny him sex for seven days. He says it caused him stress because he has 'a huge appetite for sex'. In his own words, he says has sex at least three times with his wife everyday and that sometimes he takes a break from work just to have sex with his wife. He also says that he married his wife for sex.

Is it logical, him suing these activist groups because his wife denied him sex? I mean, who should he blame his wife or these groups? And doesn't his wife have the right to say no to sex? So what does he mean by all the noise? That he can't stay for a mere seven days without sex?

I say he's just trying to get fifteen minutes for fame and if he really means what he says, then he's just a male chauvinist who needs to be educated on how to treat a lady. What do you think?

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Nelly i fear this could be an issue we need to look at from other angles. we need to know for how long they have been married cos if he has to have sex with her thrice a day then by 50 he should be having cardiac problems and may grow even lean. I am not a specialist but i think it will help the lady if and only if she enjoys it. As to whether she has the right to say no to sex, i think it is debatable cos its one of her matrimonial duties. Nelly in matrimonial affairs 7 days can never be a mere seven days. Do you know how far a starved husband can stray in under seven days?


I was wondering, what did you mean by her "matrimonial duties"? Do you mean it is law that a woman has to submit to her husbands advances even if she may not be in the mood? I was wondering, because you said it was debatable. I grew up with the knowledge that no one, even your husband, can force you to do anything you don't want to, and like in any functional partnership, you have to respect each others wishes. I was just wondering, so if could write back to help me understand your view, I would be grateful. Thank you.

I think that man is being silly and spoiled. Why sue, instead of advocating what she boycotted for? Why do things difficult, suing, legal battle, so everyone gets hurts? I don't know the whole story, true, (do you know where it is, an article of this?) But from this here....I say he is making things more difficult than it needs to be. She, his wife, is a woman too, but he has to learn to respect his her wishes. Blaming someone else for what she did willing to do is wrong, nor should any one be punished for this. I mean, to not have sex? C'mon, thats like saying "She won't give me everything I want and I don't think that's fair!" I'm sorry, but he is sounding like a child. You can't have everything you want, and you can't certinaly force someone to give themselves to you, even if you are married. That's my opinion on this matter.

I agree with you when you say that the man is just being silly and spoiled. I also think that if a woman says no her husband or boyfriend should be able to agree to that. You can check the whole story online at I tell you, the whole story is just a joke to me.