Happy New Year to every women!

Our business center has built upon many collaborative successes in developing my bold idea to impact the lives of underserved women.

Our succession plan is the continuous support for women in South Africa and the vigorous involvement of all. The center has since positioned itself to capacitate young adult women for their active participation in the with this bold idea within communities.

To that effect I am implementing this bold idea to create specific actions at an individual, organizational, community as well as at national level a shared understanding of the key factors driving economic hardships and HIV and AIDS epidemic so as to minimize hunger and the effect of the AIDS epidemic respectively.

To create a vision of a successful future young feminist group that will inspire people from different sectors to commit to fighting and voicing out discrimination, abuse, sexual violence, and oppression against women.

To identify key actions required to align, intensify and broaden efforts countrywide so as to maximize synergies and more effectively use of the movement to educate more women about their rights, talents, skills and passion.

To influence policies and agendas at different levels to serve as an intervention to realize entrepreneurship development for the benefit of underserved women within marginalized communities in South Africa.

As young feminist leader in Women Business Center, in everything I do, it will be important to constantly seek out opportunities to work collaboratively with different stakeholders to achieve a vision/goal that is culturally appropriate in issues affecting women.

To acknowledge and inspire respect within my communities in which I work and understand how the community recognizes and responds to issues such as gender, race, religion, culture and politics.

To make a real difference, I and my group will build concerted, integrated and coordinated efforts with other women and groups across the globe to instill economic freedom for every woman using the medium of communication, media and forums.

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You are absolutely brimming with fine-tuned insight and vision for the Women's Business Center! Thanks for sharing so many ideas. I wish you all the best with your plans for 2009. Happy new year!

Warm wishes,


Hi Nester,

I love your Bold Idea! You have laid out such strong goals that work to empower South African women in mind, body, spirit and economic stance, as well as creating a supportive society that allows them to do so. It's Bold and it's exciting! I wish you all the best in your endeavor and look forward to hearing about the amazing steps you take to make this Bold Idea happen.

Warm regards, Jade