Break through or Breakdown it needs to be done!!

Just like every day, I touch base with my daughter at day’s end, today was like every other day, up until she told me, while going to the next class,  she saw a colleague being roughed up by her boyfriend, in her words “The boy was banging on Mary’s locker  (name changed) and Mary just sust stood there”, Mommy I had to go to her, that’s  when the boy stopped, I walked her to class,  asked  why he was doing that?  Mary, “it’s okay he only does that, when his upset or when I tell him something he doesn’t want to hear”.  My first reaction, was to tell her she shouldn’t  get involved with issues that don’t concern her, the boy could harm her  etc…I caught myself, in trying to protect my daughter, I was taking away self worth, value and okaying fear.  These children are 13.   I have had little sleep since then…How do I change this ? Not taking away what is being done on Violence against women, I still think there’s a lot of more we can be doing.  I was recently introduced to the “One billion rising Campaign”, my hope is to mobilize the women in Canada , inclusive of the girl child, take it to the schools and break the chains.

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Thank you Netsai for sharing this Story, indeed change is within our reach if we dare stand to be counted. your story reminds me of many cases that happend in front of me here in my country "Algeria", where women are fighting to be respected, protected, to have thier rights. we should keep up the good work, i wish you all the best.

Cheers, Rim

Rim hayat Chaif