Partnering in Seattle and around the world

Posted July 29, 2011 from United States

Today is a beautiful, sunny day in Seattle.

And today is a workday that involves a myriad of tasks: I am reaching out to other local nonprofits (such as iLEAP and Jolkona.. I believe they are here in the pacific northwest...) and also emailing with partners around the world to coordinate our programs. I am in the process of refining my Social Entrepreneur Innovation Pitch- as there is a competition- with lots of potential funding - here in Seattle this fall. Meanwhile, we are organizing small fundraisers here and there and I am attempting to coordinate and motivate an Advisory Board that is scattered around the United States.

It is all exciting and focused around a cause about which I am passionate and to which I am dedicated: environmentally sustainable development across sectors via the empowerment of women.

It is my ultimate hope that our best practices and theories reach the biggest drivers of international development programs, thereby positively impacting millions (billions?!) of people around the world.

Staying focused on the big idea keeps me powering through the smaller tasks that are helping to get our organization into full implementation mode... More thoughts to come- I appreciate this forum - a place to reflect and share with like-minded individuals. I am very much looking forward to learning more from World Pulse.

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