Hello World Pulse Women I've become an expatriate. Even though I know the definition of the word, I'm not so certain that most women are not always expatriates in some way. As I read through the journal entries of the women on World Pulse, I can identify with their struggles as I have spent my entire adult professional life in the field of human rights, and gender issues for women. I am trying to grasp how this professional life will take shape in my newly adopted country. Expatriate women in domestic relationships have a high degree of susceptibility to violence. They are removed from all support systems, with perhaps no one they can trust, and this lends to having their lives more restricted and thus more easily managed by the man in their life. I've written several articles on this issue on my own blog. It is of great concern to me and I am at times frustrated by my own lack of technology skills that prevent me from reaching this audience - expatriate women.

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