Hello Dears,

I now think of you all as friends and sisters... I know almost everyone's name (Now, am exaggerating) but yeah, i know loads of you from your journals to your pictures. Believe it.

Okay, dear Sisters, yours faithfully, will be walking down the aisle come 1st October 2011 after which i shall proceed on Honeymoon to Dakar and Cape Verde (Yeah, loads of beaches). Was hoping anyone of you living in any of these two countries can show Hubby and I around? Or advise 'must sees' in any of these countries? Will be fun to take pictures with you when we visit your country and post them here..

Thanks Dears, expecting feed backs! Wish me well in this journey of a lifetime...

P.S, I hope i get to finish all of my assignments on time before the honeymoon but in case i get so caught up with newly married life and don't, be sure, i will be reading all of yours and putting my stamp of approval!

Cheers Girlfriends... Keep writing and Telling It!

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LoL wud have sure offered to do just that, if your destination was London. But I sure would rather be in Dakar and Cape Verde. Wish you and your fiancé a wonderful entry in to married life. Post a wedding pic eventually, let our curious eyes see who is snatchin a sister away!

Angie, much thanks... Sure will post the pictures as am sure loads of you are waiting to see them...

BTW Sisters, am reaching out to those currently in Nigeria-Lagos as i will like to send invites to any Pulse Wire sister to attend my wedding..So peeps, if you are around/in Lagos-Nigeria.. Holler at your girl!

Much Love

I do not aim for Perfection; Just excellence!

Hey Nazed, congratulations dear. You enjoy your day and may the Good Lord Shower you with Blessings in your marriage. Wish if i could be there. And by the ladies, 25 the September my Birthday. I will be turning -----years.

Getting old day by day.


Thanks for your kind wishes...

Hurray! 25th is Saturday and what a perfect day to have a birthday party!!!... Hmnn, What plans do you have? Movies?, girls night out? Visit to Orphanage? Whatever you do, have a fabulous----- years birthday and may God grant you your innermost heart desires! From me and all of us in Pulse Wire: Its Happy Birthday Sibo and Loads of Love! Have a cake on me..! Lol.

I do not aim for Perfection; Just excellence!