The semi finalist team pitching to their peers:
The semi finalist team pitching to their peers: : Sharing their, experiences, challenges, successes and way forward.
Delegate of Women Affairs and the Family Director of Youth Empowerment Center My world pulse sister My world pulse sister

Today I am lunching the first part of my Digital Action Campaign on “Bring a Girl to STEM”. It is an off line activity, a  “ Pitching Event” for the past winners of The Technovation Challenge 2016 semifinalist from Bamenda to share their success stories and challenges with their peers. This team called “Trail Blazers” is having a very thrilling presentation that is getting the girls excited about the Technovation Challenge program, which is for girls ages 10 to 18.It trains girls how to build mobile apps for an android phone using MIT app Inventor software. I have been running this program for 3 years now and the impact is really amazing.

This event is taking place on the 3rd and the 4th May 2017 during the #YesSheCodes Bootcamp for girls.This STEM program is a 1 week result-oriented and project based hands-on workshops on Graphic Design using Photoshop. During this event I will promote my campaign and highlight #STEM4Girls and #Mentrs4Change hash tag in order to mobilize people around my vision for change.

A total of 45 girls ages 10 to 20 in Bamenda are gaining digital skills from 2 highly motivated guest trainers from Silicon Valley in collaboration with Rose academies Her Story Matters and HOVO. These girls are designing their own posters using Photoshop software with assistance of 8 mentors.

I am on a mission to double the number of girls that attend STEM programs in Cameroon. I want to get them to win national and international awards that will attract them to STEM in order to eliminate of gender disparity in STEM education and to building a synergy of likeminded people to foster a culture of role modeling and mentorship.

Listening to success stories has stimulate the girls and made them excited to want to participate in future Tech World Competitions such as Microsoft, Google etc. This will as well encourage them to opt for STEM education at school.

Getting many girls to attend STEM programs will help them feel like they have the power to get in to programs that are perceived as difficult and choose a career path that is regarded as hard.

My motivation in life is my personal experience that gives me the strong urge to share my passion for STEM and make girls and young women explore their talents to their fullest potentials.

Being very passionate about technology innovations my goal is to inspire them early on, and help develop their passion for STEM so they will stay engaged throughout their school year with the help of female professional mentors.

Most interesting on this day is the presence of two world pulse sisters form Bamenda at the #YesSheCodes Boot Camp. They are here to support my digital action campaign.

Feka Parchibelle is one of our special guest speaker. She is a Technovation mentor for 2017. Today she is happily sharing her challenges and her aspirations for next year given the challenges we had with internet connection this year.  She called on the girls to stand up and face their challenges and seek solutions together.

Sally Mboumien is the second special guest speaker. She as well is sharing her experience about the Technovation 2016 Regional Pitch event which she attended. She inspired the girls to register for future STEM programs.

In addition we had two special invitees: In our mist was the Director of the Multipurpose Youth Empowerment Center for Bamenda 2 subdivision. She equal expressed her joy and ambition to see that our activities get support from the government.

Secondly was the Delegate of Women’s Affairs and the Family for Bamenda who as well promised to support my vision and encouraged to children to keep on learning.She was fascinated by the designs that our girls produced.

It is really an amazing experience to have your sisters believe in your dream, support your vision for change and finally help in turning your dream into reality.

We are calling on parents to register their daughters ages 10 to 18 for STEM programs at our new digital literacy and multi media center to gain STEM skills with the assistance of female mentors who are excited to support the girls during the trainings to build a project.

It is very amazing to see girls excited about STEM applications and already inspired to choose STEM education at school, getting encouraged to play a leadership role such as peer-education and later on consider a career in STEM field. Stay tuned for updates on our next package.


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I am honored to have read your three posts on your trailblazing program for girls passionate about STEM. So proud of what you are doing for this generation. I look forward to witnessing you hurdle all the challenges. Good luck!

Blessings, libudsuroy

''Every Day is a Journey and the Journey itself is Home.'' (Matsuo Basho)

This sounds like a great Campaign for empowering girls with the skills and opportunities to innovate and become impactful leaders!

Best wishes,



Before taking on my current job, I worked for 31 years as an engineer for several high technology companies, including IBM, Intel, and General Electric, all large US corporations. I found the intellectual challenges of my work stimulating and the opportunity for professional growth considerable, but was not able to easily connect with other women engineers, as there were few other women in the professional for me to reach out to for advice and counsel. This has changed a bit but not nearly as much as I'd have anticipated -- women are still under-represented in the engineering ranks, and within science and high tech generally. These are exciting, challenging fields for women, with the opportunity to earn salaries that provide for independence and sustaining families. Thank you for your work, Sophie, in encouraging women and girls to find careers in STEM, where their innovation, skills, and dedication can be rewarded. I look forward to following your work and to celebrating your successes!!



Dear Julie, Big congrats for works in those high tech companies. I strongly agree that the gap is still very wide. Together we will build bridges. Thanks for sharing your first hand experience and the great benefits for getting many women in STEM fields.Thanks for your kind words of encouragement too. You have really inspired me to keep moving.

Sophie Ngassa

Founder & Director at CYEED

Hello Sophie Ngassa,

I was introduced to your inspirational work here at our semi-annual board meeting at the World Pulse Headquarters.  As a fellow sister in STEM and advocate for female education, I applaud you for all of your efforts.  

As I meet clients in STEM (specifically technology) in the US, they all echo a desire to promote diversity in their companies.  You are a part of a critical global change with each young girl you are educating and empowering.   May the ongoing journey be full of ease, and with each breath you are given strength and joy to continue.  Thank you for being the change we all want to see in the world.

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing,

Dr. Romie

Hello Romie, Dear sister, I am happy to hear that you talked about my work.

There is power in diversity and inclusion of women in the Tech industry. Thanks for the kind and warm wishes, I really feel motivated.Thank you for again and again.

Sophie Ngassa

Founder & Director at CYEED