MOS champion from Bamenda, Cameroon
MOS champion from Bamenda, Cameroon: Inspiring the kids
Excited children during the campaign launch Having a photo with Bryce Question answer session During his presentation

For some time now, I have been having great reflections on how to keep my offline campaign ongoing and to maximize my impact of getting as many girls as possible to attend STEM programs at CYEED. This week I reviewed my resource map that we developed during the Advanced Digital Changemaking program. Looking at all the resources I have around me. I decided to meet one of the past winners of MOS Champion who is presently a student at the University of Bamenda.

After searching information about him on line and offline, I was able to connect with him and plan a meetup. I had a very brief and fruitful discussion with him during which I expressed my request. I was very happy when he immediately accepted to come over to CYEED to talk about his experience and challenges about MOS champion to the future champions.

I went on and planned the next phase for my campaign on “Bring a Girl to STEM”. The ultimate goal of my digital action campaign is to bridge the gender tech divide in Cameroon by inspiring and motivating girls during STEM programs. I aim to see 70% girls attending STEM programs and winning awards and 70 % girls at school doing STEM education.

On the 19th of May 2017, our Microsoft Office 2015 World Champion from Cameroon, Bamenda was at CYEED's office to share his experience and inspire the next generation of champions from Cameroon especially girls.

This is part of the launching ceremony of the "Bring a girl to STEM" campaign, a campaign that will eradicate the stereotypes about STEM education created by our culture in order to give girls ages 10 to 18 equal access to opportunities.

We are very excited to have firsthand information from Bryce N. The children had the unique opportunity to have a 101 with him. He patiently answered all the questions, and doubts and I could see how relaxed our children became.

Bryce delivered a brilliant presentation about his whole experience, including his next steps for the future. He encouraged them to work hard and study properly for the competition. He talked about the training, the exam, preparation for travel, USA experience for his first time, His return welcome and the impact in his life.He went ahead and inspired them to see themselves not just as users of technology, but as builders, designers, creators and entrepreneurs.

The highest point was when we watched the video of the MOS Championship Award Ceremony in 2015. When the kids recognized Bryce in the video receiving his award, they all shouted out for joy running to hug him. Everybody got up and danced for joy.

Together the children song a famous song “We are the chosen generation”.

At the end of the event all the children were excited about MOS Championship 2017. The children discovered how lucky they really are. The younger ones said they were going to come in next year for the MOS championship and other programs.

This was a really heart touching moment for the children who very were amazed to listen to his life changing story from his own mouth.

Bryce was as well very excited and he said he will come to CYEED once a week to help me with the amazing work I am doing.He is happy to be part of my campaign.

I also discovered that involving men and boys in the process will be very helpful.

During my closing remarks I asked the children to keep their parents, friends and neighbors informed about their experience for this day. This will help in spreading the information about my campaign activities and programs.

We were privileged to have a journalist of local radio station at this event. So touched by the work I am doing and the reaction of the kids, he decided to run the radio campaign at a reduced cost. Next month my campaign will be on air.

Join us and stay tuned for our next package!





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It is great to see how you have progressed in your digital campaign! Looks like you have succeeded in perking up the girls' interest on the subject matter of STEM. Bamenda will have more women technologists and scientists in the years to come. Congratulations!

Blessings, libudsuroy

''Every Day is a Journey and the Journey itself is Home.'' (Matsuo Basho)

Thanks Libudsuroy, Thanks for the great encouragement. Yes, I still have much work to do especially to retain them in the STEM fields.They need to stay focused through out their path. I have to think for ways to help them avoid deviations a long the way.

I also plan to expand to other towns in Cameroon, given that my work will have a great impact.

Sophie Ngassa

Founder & Director at CYEED

Dear Sally, Some of of the past winners are girls, but they are not in Bamenda. 3 of them school in Yaounde. It was easier for me to connect with Bryce who lives in Bambili.

In addition part of my campaign aims at getting men and boys to support the women and girls in the STEM journey. They can serve as mentors too.

During my future events I will reach out to the ladies who are champions.Thanks.

Sophie Ngassa

Founder & Director at CYEED

Dear Sophie, congratulations for a success on your "Part 3: Building a Culture of Peer Education and Role Modelling"  I believe more activity to come and more participants will get involved. Again, Congratulations :) 

Connect with a heart.  Live a life of empowerment. Influence to accomplished.



Dear Maenn, Thanks very much for your encouragement.Yes, actually my campaign is making the buzz right now in Bamenda. So I am looking forward to expand it to other towns. 40 girls have signed up and I am positive more will come.Next will be a local radio campaign.Stay tunes for updates Thanks.

Sophie Ngassa

Founder & Director at CYEED

Hi Sophie :) thank you... definitely it's going to be a success!!!

Connect with a heart.  Live a life of empowerment. Influence to accomplished.



Dear Ngassa,

You are doing an amazing work. Well done to you and Bryce for assisting. I look forward to reading more from you on the progress of your work.



Dear Bridggyella, Thanks for the kind words.Yes, we need to involve men is this process to support our change making efforts.He is really a kind and understanding youth.

 I am looking forward to expand my work to other towns. Next will be a local radio campaign.Stay tuned for updates Thanks.Cheers!


Sophie Ngassa

Founder & Director at CYEED