During my radio presentation the journalist was very excited. Talking about my DAC

At this moment my Digital Action Campaign is live on Radio Hot Cocoa in Bamenda, FM 94.0 on the program: Focus on Business which runs every day from 11am to 12. This radio station has a wide audience and it covers the majority of town in the Northwest Region of Cameroon. All classes of people listen attentively to this station. It provides updates of all the recent happenings around this region.

The campaign will be running for 2 months and includes 3 sections:

A recorded audio spot, Live and direct talks and Announcement for publicity.

Twice a week I go to the Radio house to talk about the STEM programs and I respond to questions directly from listeners. Once a weak I take along some girls who are trainees at CYEED to share their experience.

The announcement is done 4 times a week in Pidgin English which is a commonly used language and easy to understand by the population.

Thanks to a friend who has been following up all my activities, I was able to have this campaign on radio at a reduced cost.

He is also now part of my campaign, assisting me to share the information widely off line and on line.

This radio campaign in making the buzz in town already.

It was very amazing to see the sound engineer through the glass window smiling when I was speaking. Yes, he was excited by my presentation.

Presently we have 20 new children that have signed up for training at CYEED training center in addition to the 30 trainees we had when we just started.

At moment we are in pressing need for equipment and material. The computer lab is already tight and small. To solve this issue, I have divided the classes into 2 session. I want to ensure that one child is to one computer in our computer lab in comfortable learning environment.

This is just a temporal solution, really we need more computers and a bigger space to ensure a perfect learning process. In order to work effectively also we need 2 trainers, one per session.

However, we invite parents to register  their daughters ages 10 to 18 at CYEED  Digital Literacy Center to gain ICT skills with the assistance of female mentors who are excited to support the girls during this training to build a project.

We use fun games and activities to make ITC skills more inviting and appealing for our girls. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to learn the power of new technologies.

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