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My Campaign is Opening Doors for Collaboration

Sophie Ngassa
Posted July 8, 2017 from Cameroon
Girls Talk Int. conference
posing with Techies
STEM4Girls (1/1)

After launching the first part of my Digital Action Campaign on May 4th 2017 a lot of people started contacting me for collaboration and partnership on projects aimed at empowering women and girls.

With regular updates about the progress of my activities for “Bring a Girl to STEM” many more people have become very interested in the work I am doing.

I am on a mission to eliminate the gender disparities that are greatest in STEM fields that have two prominent qualities. The first is a perceived masculine culture and the second is a lack of course experience before college.

One day a lady called Yvonne Marie Tiandem who has been following up my social media campaign send me a message congratulating me for the work I am doing in my community. After a few weeks she requested that I collaborate with her on her project.

I happily accepted the offer and together we planned the event and I had the responsibility of referring 10 girls for scholarship to attend the event and later on mentoring.

This lady leads an NGO based in the USA called Girls Talk International, she is also the owner of MaryBelle cosmetics and the writer of the book titled “Entrapped In My Own Shell”. She actually runs a yearly conference that bring together leaders and adolescent girls to have a friendly discussion/ conversation about their future, sexuality, leadership and lots more.

On June 14 th we had the 3 rd edition of the mega event with more than 100 girls present and 4 speakers. I was one of the guest speakers of this Girls Talk Celebration. It was a great opportunity for me to launch my campaign; “Bring a Girl to STEM” in Yaounde the capital of Cameroon. During my presentation many girls were attracted to follow my vision. I inspired them about the advantages and opportunities that the STEM fields provide, how and why women and girls need to access these opportunities. It was really very thrilling to share our amazing personal stories with our junior sisters. #STEM4Girls

After working with this lady for the short time, she discovered some of my talents and I decided to support my campaign. From there we built a good working relationship and she plans to hold the events more frequently because she sees us as reliable partners.

At the conference many girls sign up for mentoring. I registered about 20 girls for my STEM mentoring program. I could see some of them really getting passionate about STEM from the questions they asked me.

Thanks to this collaboration my campaign had an increased visibility in Yaounde

Since then many more organizations have been contacting me for collaboration.

You may want to view more picture of the event on CYEED'sface book page .

Stay tuned for more updates, thank you!

How many people have you impacted since your last update?


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