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More Exciting News about the Impact of “Bring a Girl to STEM”

Sophie Ngassa
Posted September 14, 2017 from Cameroon

During the past 3 months, some female leaders and parents in my community have taken time off their busy schedules to visit CYEED digital empowerment center for girls.

“Bring a girl to STEM” is gradually becoming a reality, thanks to our collective efforts and especailly the World Pulse platform. One of the goals of our STEM programs is to spike children’s interest and encourage them to explore problems in their communities, and later seek solutions using technology with the assistance of mentors. #STEM4Girls #Mentors4Change. We also envision that parents will have their views changed that STEM professions is not for their girls and will be encouraged to register their secondary school girl children aged 10 to 18 for our STEM programs.

One of our visitors was Anrette Ngafor, the manager of NATCHO Comprehensive College in Bamenda. Anrette is also female educationist and fashion designer running a brand called “Liiber London”. She is a community leader, very passionate about the education and social well-being of children especially girls in our community. Since 2014 this amazing lady has been very supportive towards our STEM programs at CYEED. She had been a speaker in one of the events that I organized as Women Techmakers Lead for GDG Bamenda on the International Women’s day 2015.

On that special day, she shared her love with us at CYEED digital empower center for girls accompanied by her husband. At the center, she was very impressed by what she saw. During her visit she asked lots of questions concerning running the programs at her school and exchange visits for students. We chatted about the actual socio-political challenges that we face presently in Cameroon and how we can contribute to change the situation. She encouraged me with heart touching words of advice that Iwill never forget.The children at CYEED were as well very happy to have a special guest.Thanks my dear sister.

In addition, some parents especially mothers have also stopped by at CYEED to say thank you, after noticing the change in the digital skills of their daughters. After the training at CYEED, the children want to keep on practicing at home. So they keep on demanding their parents to buy them computers and laptops. About 10 parents have come to me seeking information on where to buy computers for their kids for home use.Other want their kids to have home classes.

Two weeks ago I accompanied the mother of one of our daughters at CYEED to buy a fairly used laptop for her self and a desktop for her family.I was very excited when she rang my phone, shouting out out with joy to thank me and asking me to come with her to get digital equipment for her family. I did it with all delight and love,together we shared the wave of joy, making her so happy. My heart was full of joy on that day.

I really appreciate all the efforts some parents make to keep their kids up to date in this digital age. I dream of a nation where all women will be included in this digital revolution. Thanks to World Pulse that offers this great opportunity.

It is evident that, girls need to see women today who succeed in STEM fields. They need women as role models who lead by example to inspire them to be whatever they want to be.Together we can make this happen.

Now more than ever, we need to come together to help girls and women make their way in tech. Please help us reach our goal to inspire 1000 girls to opt for STEM at school by donating ICT equipment, text books and science kits. Your monetary contributions are greatly appreciated too. Any gift amount is essential to the cause. If you want to assist us, please send an email to Thanks in advance.

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