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My Big Audacious Passion Project entitled #GiftFromMum project

Sophie Ngassa
Posted January 11, 2019 from Cameroon
Work in progress.
Foundation: Work in progress. (1/1)

On 16, December 2018, I was very excited and thrilled to unveil my birthday plans with the whole world.

My mother is helping me to pursue my dreams. My dream is to build a sustainable center for women, led by women where we will use new technology skills to explore all the amazing opportunities available for us to blossom and excel.

On that day she presented to me a surprise gift to boost my passion: Using tech skills for economic empowerment of women and girls. My mother gifted me this land to construct a digital empowerment center for women and girls.

The construction work has begun and we are the foundation level. The work is in progress as we make little steps every day.

I envision the construction a building that will have a hall, an office, a workshop, a toilet and a kitchen.

I am inviting a supportive tribe of kind persons to walk with me to the mountain top on this project with a spirit of generosity.  I don't want to walk alone. Together we will build a space where women will be able to acquire skills to create their own financial freedom and live dignified lives.

Please click this link to donate.

My new year is full of ambitions, please Join me let's walk together in a spirit of positivity and possibilities to build this sustainable center that will benefit thousands of women and girls not only in Cameroon but Africa at large.

2 years ago it was a conversation, last year it became a plan and this year it is work in progress.

This is how 2019 ushered in for me. Happy New Year my dear friends! I have been inspired by many mentors who have motivated me to implement my dream project.

I pray that God positions people in my life to carry this project with me.  Above all I thank the almighty God. I trust God in every phase of this work. Thank you very much.

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Jan 11
Jan 11

Hi Sophie,

You know I love your vision and project. Much success to you on the successful completion of your center, and many years of empowering women. You may want to consider adding your "need" in the WP "Resources" section. Also, I didn't see the link to your fundraiser in your post. I will add it here, in case others would like to contribute, but you will want to add it in the post, too:

Good luck, and namaste:-)

Marie Abanga
Jan 13
Jan 13

Dearest GS as I call you,

I mean we thank God and we thank Mummy. Now and above all we thank you for having the audacity to dream this audacious dream. I am looking forward to visiting your city in the coming days and hope I can meet you.

It shall come to be by all so Amazing Grace Amen