TECH Training Workshop for young women.
TECH Training Workshop for young women.: Building Women in Mozilla local chapter.

This poem is dedicated to all the men who have been instrumental and stood by me throughout my Tech journey and thought me how to establish a culture of gratitude all the time.


You understood how difficult it would’ve been for me to emerge and succeed in STEM without your immense support. You casted a blind dice when you decided to be part of my starting point from my baby steps.

You contributed to my goal, to balance up the equation for girls and women to have their say in this world of ever changing world of technology, when you listened to me keenly as I shared my vision though it was not clear from the from the start.

You motivated me to become daring enough in achieving my goal in creating a paradigm shift in mindset for girls and women who can freely choose and thrive in STEM careers.

You taught me how to withstand and overcome the male dominance in the STEM field and to develop resilience.

You asked me questions I could not answer because of fear of failure and lack of self confidence but you helped raise my self-esteem to achieve greater things by taking advantage of the tremendous opportunities the STEM field offers.

You ignited and encouraged me to keep the inner flame burning and eventually awoke and prompted me to become more assertive.

You provided me the opportunity to talk to a large audience of students, standing by my side, always showed up for my events and assisted me, when it was becoming overwhelming you supported me.

You watched me closely and kept me motivated whenever you realized I was losing hope. You even offered to volunteer whenever you could and made sure I stay focused until I succeeded.

You empowered me with additional digital skills to ease my work and checked about my next steps in order to keep me on the move.

You believed that I will be successful because you discovered the burning passion and dedication for STEM to cause a social change in our community.

You made me know my worth, my value and how fantabulous I was. Above all you made it possible for others to see me and recognize my significance.

Thanks to you all, I am making remarkable changes in my community and I highly gratify your contribution. You are the most valuable resource I have to continue building and advancing women in tech. Thank God almighty.for the STEM men: Supportive, Tolerant, Exceptional and Motivating men.


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Hi Sophie. Bravo for your story on acknowledging men's contributions/encouragement toward your current-day success! It takes a strong person to acknowledge that even hard lessons/adversity help us to grow and succeed to get us where we ultimately need to be to realize our true life's purpose and mission.

Dear Sophie you are so awesome , I am very much inspired by the work you do , I hope we can do a project together one day so that my students can know about your journey and how you are making such a big change in a very challenging environment 

Sister Zeph Founder & Chairperson ZWEEF

Winner of World Pulse Lynn Syms Global Prize 2014