We Moved from a Virtual Meet up to Valuable Physical Meeting.

Sophie Ngassa
Posted May 17, 2018 from Cameroon
Sophie and Olutosin in Lagos, Nigeria.
Our online community connected us for good. What a meaningful relationship created by World Pulse!

You met me on a social platform

You shared your personal stories in our social network

You called me ‘My dear sister’

You shared your point of view during virtual calls in your unique voice

You posted your beautiful pictures on our social platform

You cheered me up when I expressed fear

You encouraged me when I was weak

You used strong and true words to describe your project

You freely shared your resources via email

You made very inspiring comments on my stories

You had never met me physically

You made your friends become my friends

You shared a lot about transforming trash into treasure

You inspired me to become a great changemaker


I was very happy to be your virtual friend and sister

I wondered how you looked physically

I pondered about the kind of heart you had

I scrolled through your pictures on line with a smile on my face

I dreamt of the day I will meet you physically

I did not know how it would happen

I admired your hand work and was amazed by your talents

I said to myself: “I need to meet this outstanding lady someday”

I wanted to follow your footsteps to become as powerful as you are

I had this great opportunity to travel

I packed my bag and went to the bus station in Bamenda, Cameroon

I took the road to Lagos, Nigeria

I was full of thoughts on my mind about you as I journeyed

I wonder if it was real that I will meet this very dynamic lady

I saw your amazing skills floating in my dream

I travelled many hours and finally walked across Cross River, our natural boundary


We had already exchanged contacts

We communicated as I was travelling from one city to the other

We finally met physically right at your workshop and at your home

We hugged each other countless number of times

We looked at each other amazingly, so many times

We danced with joy and love together with our girls

We happily exchanged our gifts

We ate our African traditional meal together

We had valuable discussions and working sessions

We were open and honest to each other

We exchanged ideas on how to move our virtual community forward

We asked and answered challenging questions from each other

We slept under the same roof

We got closer in our hearts

We finally bid farewell to each other

We frequently check our progress and well being 

We agreed to use the internet for a good purpose

We use communication and digital tools to better our communities

We are on a pilgrimage

We still have a long way to go.

We believe in God.


What a meaningful relationship created by World Pulse!!!

Long Live World Pulse!!!






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