Hoping for better days ahead !

Sophie Ngassa
Posted January 10, 2019 from Cameroon
My kids gives me hope.

Very early in the cold morning we were lying down flat on the floor. Making sure we made little or no movement. We held ourselves together tight and we all covered in one big blanket. I made a sign by placing my finger on my lips, which meant no one should utter a word. I held my children as we shivered in fear.

This morning was one of those unlucky days when the loud sounds of the gun got us up from sleep. With sleepy eyes I could barely figure out what was going on, as my children all run into my bed room. But I just remembered that I was time to  lie down on the floor as the case has usually been. It was very normal for us to be alert to the list sound and run for safety if need be.

For more than 1 year we have been living in this kind of condition and it only gets worst as days go by. I my quite moments when I try to reflect on what the future hold for my kids, all I see is darkness.

After a few hours on the floor, we notice that noise has stopped and silence everywhere. That’s how we know that we can get up from the floor. I always get up the first and look at my kids in their face and straight in to their bright eyes. I see them eager to move on with daily activities as if nothing had happened. I am astonished at how fast they go over situations.

This where my hope lies! The innocence in their looks, the honesty in their eyes and their naïve character is mind blowing. Yes! This is what gives me hope and I simply remember that there will better days ahead.

This morning was bad a one, but tomorrow will be better. Hope keeps us alive. When I look at my kids in times of distress, it brings me hope. Every human being deserves a hopeful life even during challenging situations.

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Sis. Salifu
Jan 11
Jan 11

Dear Sophie,
This is not a good feeling at all. I experience a bit of such when an inter conflict broke out in my county almost 20years back.
These shots as a teenage nearly gives me heart attacks omg:-(. Then came the carefews which rescued us. The feeling is not good at all to live in conflict zones puuha!

Jan 11
Jan 11

Oh no, my dear Sophie:-(

Why won't this end:-( My heart bleeds for you, your family and all my sisters, their families and everyone else, too:-(

Wow! That is amazing. I'd be done for the rest of the day, easily, but they are probably also reacting to how you react and I know you're super strong. Yes, it can't last forever, dear. I totally agree with you, dear. I will hold this prayer in my heart for all of you suffering in Cameroon.

Good luck with your story submission.

Hope you have a safe/good day.

Maya Iwata
Jan 11
Jan 11

Sophie, Thank you for sharing your story as well as your hope. The situation you are living in and coping with is terrible and I feel terrible that this is going on. As a former social worker, I know children can be amazingly resilient, especially when they are well loved, as yours clearly are as they are able to still move forward with hope. I agree with you 100% that every human being deserves a hopeful life and hope that things get much better for you and your family sooner.

Marie Abanga
Jan 13
Jan 13

Dear GS,

That is what hope is all about, not letting today make tomorrow hopeless. I pray we in this country get to outlive this nightmare because it is so traumatizing be you there on GZ or over this way in what IDPs call 'safe zone'.