Peace has no price, violence is expensive.

Sophie Ngassa
Posted January 10, 2019 from Cameroon

One Sunday afternoon when I was feeling very relaxed, I deliberately decided to imagine that I was in a world with NO violence. I sat on my bad, alone in my room with my eyes closed. I repeated to myself “No violence” 5 times. I wanted to figure out on my mind a picture of a scenario of how the world will look like if there was no violence.

It took along while for the picture to build up on mind. It was hard to imagine a nation with no violence could ever exist on earth. The picture was not coming forth. I thought I was not concentrating enough, so I decided to be more focused in my thoughts.

We have been living in hate, violence and insecurity for more than 2 years in some parts of Cameroon. The crisis is ongoing and on a rise. I have witnessed so many instances of extreme violence and seen too many graphic images that flood my phone daily via social media.

I found it difficult to reposition my thoughts, mind and imagination. We have been living on the alert, ready to run for safety in the streets or struggling to lie down on the floor. I had the feeling that violence was just a normal thing with no end.

Tears rolled down my cheeks as I insisted to change the narrative on my mind. I felt like giving up. Suddenly a strong image appeared with healthy and happy people living together in peace and harmony. There was much joy and plenty for everyone. The overflow of love did not give room for hate. The people spoke softly in peace as they discussed.

It was now clear to me that security begins with peace.  Next on my mind was a question. How can this picture become a reality? How can we build peace? Especially after all the damages that have occurred during the violent days.

Yes! It require deep forgives and acceptance from within. All parties have to forgive freely and wholly. This can come with the process of genuine dialogue and reconciliation. It may time for some wounds to heal, but the painful past and hurt needs to be forgotten as we open a new chapter of peace and reintegration. We need to start from somewhere. All stakeholders have to sit at the table and make positive decisions that will drive peace building in a nation.





This post was submitted in response to A World Free of Violence.

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Sis. Salifu
Jan 11
Jan 11

Right forgiveness is the key to non conflict world my dear. Deep forgiveness that comes with love for the neighbor.
The bible promised us such future security and I am certain it will be realizes. All just depends us humans our attitude to turn things around.

Jan 11
Jan 11

Wow, dear, Sophie,

You continue to amaze me. Yes! I see this for you and your fellow countryfolk! I love your vision:-) Let's make it a reality.

Good luck with your story submission...

Hope you have a safe day, dear.

Marie Abanga
Jan 13
Jan 13

Peace is Priceless is what I always say. To me, what is priceless is so worth pursuing. Thanks for sharing and I am with you completely on this GS