Learning to use free on line digital tools
Learning to use free on line digital tools: I train my self to train many other young women and girls in Cameroon and beyond.

What is Needed

Looking for 30 female mentors – women working in STEM fields and/or having a STEM back ground to help with mentoring to lead change in our community and inspire the next generation of innovators.

Female mentors will coach and guide our Techies on how to overcome obstacles and solve problems encountered along their steps up the STEM ladder.

Mentor should be passionate about helping girls to successfully stay engaged in the STEM fields and inspire the girls by sharing their personal experiences about challenges in STEM. 

Mentors could also be guest speakers and trainers during our events and/or also connect online for Skype calls.

Get Involved

Send me a message here or inbox me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/sophie.ngassa

or send am email to ngassas@yahoo.com.

You are invited to share the message in your different networks.

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