IT programming skills for girls.
IT programming skills for girls.: We make digital technology more inviting and appealing for girls.

What is Offered

CYEED is organizing a free training on Graphic Design at our computer lab from the 2nd to 6th May 2017 in Bamenda. It will be a great opportunity to acquire digital skills.

Parents are invited to send their daughters to gain Graphic Design skills with the assistance of 2 guest trainers from Silicon Valley and 5 female mentors who are excited to support the girls during this training.

CYEED seeks to empower girls in Cameroon to discover a passion in technology inspiring them to see themselves not just as users of technology, but as inventors, designers, builders and entrepreneurs in the industry.



Utilize This Offer

This Boot Camp is aimed at bringing girls into the mainstream of the digital revolution and to empower them with access to information, skills and opportunities to harness their creative potential.

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