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This baby girl was likened to a piece of thrash yesterday in the Ntarinkon neighborhood, Bamenda Cameroon.She was dumped there by a yet to be identified individual.I put the question to a couple of individual via a mobile phone text message on what they think should be done to ameliorate the situation which is just one of many recurrent in the North west region of Cameroon.Just a couple of days ago a girl was reported to have died after haven been forced by her mother to commit an abortion.Many questions are unanswered and many stories are untold but the same thing keeps happening.I launched a mobile telephone campaign yesterday because after trying to upload the picture on facebook many times to no avail.in the message i first tried to share my thoughts on the issue with the audience and then seek their ideas and possible solutions to the issue of women's reproductive health which i think is the big issue...please share your thoughts and lets find solutions to our own problems.The time has come for us to take charge and responsibility and find new solutions.

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This is so tragic! I hope for the day that we see reproductive rights as a children's rights issue. I believe every child has the right to be planned and wanted by the parents.