My First Menstrual Period
My First Menstrual Period: My First Menstrual Period Image

My first menstrual period was a total disaster. I was ashamed of myself, i think that was at the age of 11. I could not tell anyone, i could not use toilet tissue nor pad because to me then i felt like a taboo, i felt bad. My aunt started her menstrual period at the age of 17 years old which became a pace setter for the rest of the girls, so i could not share with anyone because i felt so ashamed of myself,and that was because i felt i started overly early and it will project me as a bad girl. As a result i kept it to myself for 2 years. When i developed little gut, i started using toilet tissue. To cut the long story short, my first menstrual period was an experience of shame!  

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Dear Ngozi, 

Thank you for sharing your experience. I know it must be difficult to reflect on it, even now. I too had a shameful first period experience because I was so young and I couldn't tell any of my friends because I felt ashamed.

It wasn't until high school that I could really relate to any of my friends. Until then, I kept tissues hidden away and sometimes they would embarrassingly slide out of my pockets and end up on the school room floor! I was horrified when this would happen. 

Anyways, you are not alone. You are brave for sharing your story. Do you feel differently about having your period at a young age now that you are older? 

Best Regards, 


Sycamore May

Hello Ngozi,

Thank you for sharing your story with the community. It's natural for feelings of shame to follow after first coming into contact with menstruation at such a young age. However, we must all ensure we educate all girls and individuals to accept this as a sign of development as an individual, and that is a natural process of life. Thank you for being brave and sharing your reflection on your experience.

With kindest regards,

Helen Ng

I started having my menstrual period at the age of 12. I could not tell anyone because I was ashamed. I knew everything about menstrual pains when my mum's younger sister used to discuss with her friends, I will sneak in the room and pretend to be sleeping just to overheard their discussion. I started using towels and two pants for fear that the stain will show on my dress. its took about one year for my mum to bump into the bathroom and saw me washing the towels. It was then she bought sanitary pads for me. I will never forget how I felt when she entered the bathroom!!!