Hi All I am not sure this is the right way to post the draft for the group. It took me long to get the idea what to write and I couldn't send my draft to my editorial midwife right time. I hope you could reach my draft in time and offer me any comments. Here is mine and if I spell the name of the holy Lords , please kindly correct it for me.

The role of holy people The news about Sitagu Sayadaw ,one of the most famous and respectable monks in Myanmar , and his supporters ‘visit to prisons in Mandalay and Yangon has being told by the public for months here . It was the first time I have heard such kind of news and lots of people have been sharing the video very willingly and they have lots of follow up talks after watching it. Now in Myanmar preaching by the holy monks has been leading to encouraging people for humanitarian assistance. With the great influence of the monks , people are contributing their most possible assistance to the needy communities The relations between the public and the monks are stronger and closer than any other public relations in Myanmar. I have witnessed the globally famous monks’ protest in September 2007 which resulted from people voices worrying about unaffordable commodity prices. Thousands of monks and lots of nuns were marching for praying for people which has been against the junta’s law. The demonstration became so famous that the junta got the international pressure asking for the democracy in Myanmar . In this demonstration hundreds of non- Buddhists joined the Buddhist monks’ leading campaign . When lots of monasteries were approached by the military trucks to arrest the monks, any people nearby gathered by the signal sounds and marched to the monasteries . I was in there too and happily knew the trucks drove away. Although it was a great sadness , lots of protesters were arrested in demonstration , it was such wonderful unity of the mufti religious communities for the truth. It was lovely to hear from Sitagu Sayadaw that he isworking together with a Baptist Father to build a free eye specialisthospital in Chin state where certain ethnic groups live around . He also said he would collaborate with other religious leaders for providing humanitarian assistance to needy community. Now in Myanmar, participation in humanitarian works by the monks and nuns has been dramatically rising. Most assistance has been provided to orphans and poor children for their continuous education for their better future. Among them, the monk I mentioned above was incredibly remarkable. He has been contributing lots of humanitarian aids not for the missionary but just helping with the regardless of any religion or race .He has been building free eye specialist hospitals in every state and division in Myanmar. During the big cyclone relief projects, he and his supporters went to the most difficult reachable villages to provide emergency aids. He also helped a Belgium photographer who was not allowed to go to the relief camps . He took him in one of his delivery trucks and let him stay among the cyclone victims in a camp and the photographer could have a great chance for interesting photos which he could make a book and able to sold in mass. The book was so popular that he needed to publish second addition. As he had aimed to use the money for the victims, the photographer came back to Myanmar two times, one for the huge amount of donation to build the schools and next time for visiting those schools. If he hadn’t seen that monk or if the monk had not taken the risk to help him , the people would have missed the big assistance. This is the right and brave decision from the monk and the photographer from the other corner of the world. S.N Goenkanji , a famous world Vipassana teacher , beautifully noted in the Millennium World Peace Summit at the United Nations, ‘Religious is not for the dividing people .I t is for uniting people. There we can all unite and serve the humanity.’ This note inspire me for my whole life. If all the holy people who take the key role in every religion follow this way , there won’t be any sorrow in the world which has witnessed of violent attacks to death and huge sufferings , All holy Lords guided to love all and all religious leaders give faith to their lords. Then why isn't it to possible for them to lead for loving all ? By playing this noble role by the holy people , the world will be like in a same family with love and care.

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Hi NI NI, Not to worry...you have until Feb. 28th for the final draft and your first draft is very good. I sent back ideas for edits via your personal email. If you don't get them, I will send them to you through World Pulse, so let me know. If possible, I will try to figure out how to post this to your conference group. Warmly, Roz