« Educate a woman is educate all a nation » .Today girl, but tomorrow woman. This is the slogan which can make people think and change positively. In Congolese society, girls and women haven’t access to education. Many of them are uneducated in rural places (villages). For many girls, is very difficult and impossible to access to education , because they meet many problems, among them: financial miss of school fees, the custom, culture, the underestimation …Those are principals barriers.

My visions for my community are: at first, to be a leader; make girls speak for themselves, because in my community girls want to have someone who can all the time speak for them…,at second, help girls to access to education (in creating the employment or job,), help them to access the information ( via media, internet. In my community, even in town where people are supposed to be “educated”, some girls neglect the use of internet and others information and discovery. For them, going to internet to chat or to look for new information is the wasting of time. Using the social Media is a big problem for them…); at third, Creating a center of recovery (for teaching girls who became old… ) in city and villages; at fourth, increase villager people awareness girls education (because for some villagers parents it is not necessary for girls to study, because she is there to serve men)…

My personal vision for my life is: firstly, a leaderto be the top help for family’s member s who can meet some difficulty to access education and others problems, secondly, being the voice of my family…

My vision for the world: I want to be a leader, to make people change their ideas through the world (because Congo is not the only one country where some people have a bad conception about girls education); travel around the world to train girls and women to speak and to denounce all bad practices,to have their dependance,to strike their discriminations…

I want to be a voice of correspondent because there are some girls and women who have many difficulties of speaking for themselves. So, they need to have someone who can speak for them and in whom they can trust. I want to be that person for them, to be their leader. This can make me achieve my vision by the fact of having trust in someone. If people realize that I have already do that for others or for myself and the results are good, they can’t be afraid to tell me theirs stories and problems. They will charge me to their reporter, because some persons prefer to keep their stories very confidential. They need to trust in me first. So being a voice correspondent can make them trust in me, in order to achieve my visions.

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Hello my sister! Before being a leader we have to change ourselves in order to be trusted by others. I wish you all the best for your vision. Regards!

THERESE( Maman Shujaa, Drc)

Bonjour ma chère, je suis de même avis que vous, "éduquer une femme c'est éduqué toute la nation" sur ce quand les droits de la femme continue à être bafoué ce parce que certains de nos communauté continue toujours à humilier la femme. ma chère, votre voix et le mien nous aiderons à remettre la femme dans ces droits.





Your voice resonates with leadership. I can feel it in your writing. Your views are very mature and I am sure that one day you will bring about change in your community. I feel it!

God bless you dear.