I am not sure how I found World Pulse but I am very happy I did. Me and an old friend of mine lost touch and while we were chatting she said to me, things happen for a reason and people come into your life when you need them most. This thing could be a friend who was there in a hard time, a person giving you directions when you were lost or a website inspiring you to realize your potential. Now that I am done school I feel like a chapter has been finished in my life and while I am excited I often find that I keep asking myself 'what is next?', 'what can I do better?', “how can I be a part of positive change?'. In my short life, people with good intentions ask what do you want to be when you get older? What is next? What if you do not get that job?....and the list goes on. People want to know what path you plan to take in life. I often find it hard to really narrow down a clear plan of action and often list places I want to discover or a list of Masters programs I want to take. All the while, I think to myself, when I grow up I want to be engaged in social justice issues, be part of a global movement, inspire others and be inspired, I want to live in a community that I feel apart of, I want to have friends and family who truly love me for who I am and most of all I want the world to be a better place to live. These answers do not generally interest people, so I spend my time telling people what they want to hear, not just to these questions, but, I find I have spent a lot of time trying to express myself in ways I think people will want me to.

Like many other women at World Pulse, I was really not sure if I should participate and was hesitant to start writing. I have trouble expressing my thoughts and feelings and thought I did not have much to offer. I really think that every experience I have had, good or bad has helped shape who I am today and the voice that I have. What this World Pulse community has done has, has let me be my own voice. It has let me speak, articulate my passions and engage with other women from across the world sharing similar life experiences or views. As this weeks material presented, we have to 'stand up for our true self'. I feel that this would provide me, as well as other women a chance to realize their potential and understand their own voice. Each person has a unique voice, a set of experiences and a personal understanding of the world that makes their story worth hearing.

I read a quote once and it has stuck with me since: 'Understand each way of living makes perfect sense in the setting it was created'. While I might not be able to fully understand what someone is going through or why they might behave a certain way, by reading their stores, having a conversation or a friendly debate, by sharing our knowledge and listening to others we can change the world.

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Glad you did start writing and articulating your inner self for all of us to know and share in who is you.! Your words touch a chord with me, as I myself feel much of what you write you feel about writing and expressing. I feel it takes courage to put it all out there, and you took that courageous step...kudos!

Much love, Claudia

Dear Nicole i have been through the same feeling of i cant write because i could not express myself or i abondend myself to express becuase of my family to give them the satisfaction that i am strong and confident as they wanted me to be in such a society so that i can handle all this by my ownself and move forward independently while caring for my people. this is the place except my boy-friend where i speak of my mind where i have no fear of hurting someone but to gather like minded people to raise our voices for better world :-) keep writing.

Diversity is our Strength towards Peace & Harmony :-)

Thank you- I often also find that I might not know exactly what I want to express or what my thoughts are until I start engaging in dialogue with other people with similar interests. I thank you for your post so that I know I am not alone in feeling this way at times.

Dear Nicole,

Thank you for this quote: 'Understand each way of living makes perfect sense in the setting it was created'. I think it is good bookend for another quote I love so much (and I paraphrase here): "We don't see things the way they are, we see them the way we are."

I applaud you for being so honest about your journey to find and articulate your desires. It seems World Pulse can be a benevolent community for all of us to find our paths and journey down them.

I'm curious to know how being a Voices of Our Future correspondent would help you achieve your vision for yourself with respect to your desire to be engaged in social justice.

All the best to you, Susa

I really like the quote you shared. I think we all have our own lens that we see the world through. We can wear many different 'lenses' depending on the time in our life.

Since I was young I have been volunteering. My mom was a very good role model growing up as she raised she was the sole 'bread winner' of my family of seven. We grew up in poverty in a country that does not recognize the extent to which families live well below the poverty line. I have suffered from emotional and sexual abuse in my life. Unfortunately I do not think this is uncommon for many women. When I was 20 I decided to go to college and while I passed high school I did not know or think I was smart enough. I ended up graduated with a A+ average and realized I had potential. I then went on to graduate from University in a 4 year honors program. In University I led three teams on volunteers for one month each to Tanzania, Nicaragua and Guatemala. I think that my childhood experiences, education and international experience has equipped me to look beyond my 'lens' and evaluate the world by the notion to 'Understand each way of living makes perfect sense in the setting it was created'. I truly believe that each women on here is deserving to be a Voices of our Future correspondent. I think it would help me articulate and realize my vision.

Dear Nicole,

Like you, I often find it difficult to narrow down the path I want to take. So many opportunities, so many possibilities! While at the same time feeling so committed to the ideal of doing something good.

It sounds like writing for World Pulse has helped you narrow some things down. I hope this continues, and to read more about your journey. And like Susa, I am curious, how would being a VOF correspondent clarify your path?

Happy writing!


resolved this year to think twice and to smile twice before doing anything

Hi Kati,

Thank you for the reply and thank you for reading. When I started first saw World Pulse I was interested at the opportunity to be engaged in a global community to share stories.

I grew up in Canada and while there are many great things about this country there are very blatant social inequalities. From a previous journal I wrote "that poverty for example is not a secret, but hidden. People in my community like to think that problems, social inequality, racism, discrimination and negative stereotypes are not here, but they are". While reflecting on the question you and Susa have asked I think this is what I would like to be able to discuss. No I do not have the answers the social injustices in Canada or around the world, but by being share the stories I have experienced in Canada or know exists it can help bring a new light or a different prospective for people.

I do not believe that all of the issues or problems are the same around the world, but I do believe in the power of sharing stories and building relations. This helps to break down stereotypes and barriers. If we can unite as a global community to discuss issues, this is one step to creating change.

Dear Nicole,

I understand your comments on trying to express yourself in ways others would want you to. The expectation that everyone has the exact same views as others is limiting to our growth in society. As you and Susa have both said most people look at life in a default setting, instead we need to use different lenses, and engage with them to understand the motivations of others actions.

Good luck in achieving your vision, Courtney

Hey Courtney, I definitely agree with you. Often I find I will get caught up in wanting someone to understand a different perspective. I often feel it is my responsibility to be social aware and share stories with people if they want to. My friend recently said to me that it is is not my responsibility to change their views but rather let them be aware. I am not sure if that makes sense :). Thanks for the post.

Hi there,

I just want to say, keep it up! Sometimes the joy is in the search, not in always have THE answer. So, keep writing, keep asking questions, keep searching... and smile! I appreciate your perspective and I hope that you'll use PulseWire to raise your voice even more. When we connect we are stronger together.

Best, Scott

Scott Beck