So, last year I did something really cool with a friend of mine. We both wrote lists of books, music and movies that we really liked, then we traded lists. Instead of New Year’s resolutions, we then had lists of things to check out in the new year. I really enjoyed checking out the things on her list and I got through it much better than I have ever gotten through a list of resolutions.

I've already exchanged lists with friends, but I was wondering if you could please leave as a comment the name of a book, album or movie that you find inspiring and worth checking out. It would be a much appreciated addition to my list for 2010.

Happy New Year


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Hi Nicole,

What a great idea - you have inspired me to make my own list of books and films to explore for the new year. I suggest also posing this question in the PulseWire group, Books, Music and Film:

A few books that I have enjoyed of late are below:

I'm looking forward to hearing suggestions from other PulseWire members. Thanks for starting the conversation! Do you have any suggestions for us?

Happy New Year!


Jade Thank you for the suggestions.

I am not able to be too active right now, as I am just starting classes tomorrow and expecting my baby to be born in one week. Lots of stuff is going on now.

I will post my suggestions when I can, and in the meantime I will slowly make my way through my list.