And i dream
  • And i dream

The day that’s different than previous one But the memories are same It comes into my mind And Disappears in the winter fog Yes I feel so cold in your absence so cold without your warm lap So lost in past For a moment I live in that unachieved endeavor It brings smile on my lips It brings pain in my heart It saddens me It mesmerizes me I become restless for a moment To touch the image To feel the breadth The warm hug and my belief And suddenly I feel the pain That still ruling over my heart It breaks into pieces I try to recollect it But realize it’s been years And I am far far-away Struggling to make the new identity Fighting for the existence And I am lost – lost in worthless part of life And all my feelings for life has gone All my sentiments for me has gone I being a stone Just observe the things The mountains and the rivers of my life All the way to my destiny The continuous journey of the smiles and the tears The pain and the joy Gathering all in my bag Determined to touch the sky of my life It’s just not a dream I am not only ambitious I, work to get them I, work to achieve them Yes I dream of being the one To make the change Yes I dream to wipe their tears And bring the smiles on their face Yes I realize I was lost But still I dream, I dream a lot.

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This is a beautiful line and as I was reading I felt the way you are feeling too, I just think we can be the change we want to see too.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre 512 Road F Close Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

hey so great to read your comments. thanx so much and yes we can be the change we want to see!!!coz we speak for ourselves and for those who are unable to speak:) thanx so much


Nilima from Nepal

Your poem is one of light and hope, and your use of imagery brings such richness to this journey. You use your words so beautifully to capture the essence of who you are, and your descriptive language helps me feel connected to you and able to relate to you even though we come from different worlds. I eagerly await your future posts!

Hardik subhakamana, Janice

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ~ Anais Nin

I am more than happy to be on your network first of all.

yes no matter how far we are are how differently we have traveled our life, but the our dream and work connects both of us that is why we understand each other. Thank you so much for your precious comments, it shows how much we are similar on our journey.

thank you so much


Nilima from Nepal

Dear Nilima,

I had no idea that you are a poet! I enjoyed reading your beautiful words - it moved me and I think speaks to many of us who have dreams and struggle to find clarity on the journey towards realizing them.

Thank you for sharing, and I hope we will read more of your poetry in the future.

Love, Jade

Hey Jade,

thank u so much for encouraging and more than that thank u so much for letting me to be in pulsewire-its such a great opportunity.


Nilima from Nepal

This was beautiful... I felt every word. Youe feelings permeate the paper and brings everything to life. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful piece with us!!!


Hello Nilima,

I would love to use this for my Womens Voices a global letter writing exhibit in NYC. Would you mind to submit? I am sure many people would love to hear your voice!!!

Please let me know. we are not sharing photos just writings from women across the world.


Its the great opportunity for me to submit this as the letter to your exhibition..I am translating my nepali poems to english...and i will be sending you very when it should be submitted?


Nilima from Nepal