“NO ONE SPEAK FOR ME I SPEAK FOR MYSELF”- This line entered into my heart after reading it in pulse-wire for the very first time! At my side of the world where women are still dependent, still supposed to be the household issues only, still limited to basic freedom and are still silent without raising their voice and if they do so they are taken as the characterless women. So I immediately applied for the volunteer post for the pulse wire at my first visit so that I can be the part of this amazing online community.

It’s not a coincidence to be here. The platform to learn and share representing the society was what I was always looking for! And what else could be the right platform than pulse wire-“where I learn much more than I share and where I get much more than I give”.

I am not sure of beginning of my journey towards working for social issues. It may have started when I saw people talking against having daughters or when I went through the toughest time during my first menstruation in the name of the culture. It may have started growing when I was the part of the cultural program through school for continuously 3 days and night without resting to collect the fund for the school building or the fight against my childhood friend’s marriage at her age of 15 can also be the reason for why I am here in pulse wire. It may have taken this direction when I started feeling so contented doing the community based work through red- cross, green club or rotaract.

I felt and believed that if I don’t raise my voice, my countless stories of pain and the glory of my womanhood will be unshared and declined inside my body and mind which can be the learning lesson and inspiration for many woman like me and now I’m right here in Voices of Our Future.

This amazing journey undoubtedly fit into my personal vision-where women are independent and have no fear raising the voice, they are not only the matter of household issues and have every right to take decision about their career or giving birth to the child and where my community accepts the positive change and gives the equal opportunity to all. The so called educated yet conservative society needs to be change through the youth like me, and because I am a woman I feel much stronger to do so.

If a woman can create a good family she can create the good society too. The one who are most responsible yet are most ignored needs to be empowered. If I can be the inspiration for many women why can’t I be inspired and empowered like many women who can create the better society through pulse wire?

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Your Journey and Vision.

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I Cherish your courage, specially that you are living in a community that women are not to be seen. Woman are given a second or third place. You will make a great change if you set up the struggle loud enough. I wish you all the best, but remember women most not only speak for themselves, but possess the right and loud voice. Bye Bintu


Hi Nilima,

I love your writing and also enjoy reading such a wonderful article which you have written! No one speak for me I speak for myself is a nice quote, esp for women, who are encouraged much with this quote just because we give our voice loud. Wish you good luck my dear friend!

With all my loves, Sarvina

Regards, Sarvina from Cambodia VOF 2011 Correspondent

Dear sarvina,

till now we have known each other through pulse wire quite a lot, i am really thankful for you for being there and i really love to hear from you too.

thank u:)


Nilima from Nepal

Nilima, sure we have known each other quite a lot now and thanks to PulseWire that let me meet you.

Regards, Sarvina from Cambodia VOF 2011 Correspondent

Wonderful post! Who we are as women is deep, wide, complex and simple. We can not be defined by anyone but ourselves!

Viva!!! Mariposa

Peace and ... Bliss, Restorer of Peace

I enjoyed hearing your thoughts! Your personal stories are compelling. Even though you may not know exactly how your interest in social justice began, the fact is that you are here now, giving a voice to important issues!

I too love the line, "No one speaks for me, I speak for myself." It is a very simple, but very powerful way to express the meaning of this work of World Pulse. Thank you for speaking for yourself.

I look forward to hearing more about you and your ideas.

All the best, rmweaver

though i dnt what made to enter into this field but i am here to raise my voice. i believe my one voice can be the lesson learning voice or the inspiration or knowledge for someone.

thank you from listening to my inner voice!


Nilima from Nepal

Thank you for speaking out; it's very brave of you and I want to hear all of your upcoming stories. Great post, enjoyed reading it! Keep going girl! Best, Ivana

...women like you who are not afraid to speak out. It is heartening to hear you have made other women's problems your own. Great post. I would love to hear more about your work with red cross, green club and rotaract club with examples.

Dear friend,

I will surely be writing about all these things in near future and thank you for encouraging me to write.

great time ahead:)


Nilima from Nepal

Nilima, You are already a leader for women around you, figuring out where to find power, strength and voice so each day carries more possibility. I love the point you made about needing to get your stories out of your own mind and body to share with a larger community of women. The value of sharing our stories is enormous!

Keep it going. Frances

Yes one can not be the perfect in life, one needs to learn continuously and experience continuously , i am doing the same, finding my weak point to improve it and good points to sharpen it.

for that i need you all so that i can learn:)

thanx indeed for the valuable time you spent in my post:)


Nilima from Nepal

Your writing really expresses what you feel inside-characteristics of a true writer!

A woman you look up to is really your mirror,because looking at her you do see yourself in her!

Good writing.

This is what makes the writing alive! as you also beholds the same passion , you have understood the passion inside me too.

Thank u laurika for being here which makes me feel my voice is being heard! thank u so much!


Nilima from Nepal