1. Were you nervous before your interview? If so, tell us how you overcome your fear. If not, tell us the source of your confidence.

Well after a long gap i was talking to her (interviewee) that too was for her interview through phone. I felt little odd and little nervous too. But as i knew she is very friendly person, it gave me the great confidence. So to overcome the fear, i first told about World Pulse and its work and then my job here and i did relate the world pulse with her work as she is working on women issues, then she became very interested and asked some questions about world pulse.Then the our conversation started becoming smooth and it brought the confidence in me to ask her the set of questions i had prepared.

  1. What did you do really well during your interview?

As i was doing the telephonic interview, it was little hard to get the clear conversation, some times my voice overlapped her words because of the long distance call. it was little clumsy at first, listening to her on phone and writing it on paper. But later i requested her to speak little slow so that i can note her points, then she started talking in slow speed and it helped me to note down all the points. And for some words, i repeated after her to make sure not to write it wrong.

  1. What do you want to work on improving for next time?

Through this interview, i learned that one should always make the questionnaire with the extra possible questions that may arise during interview, it helps a lot. Even some times a general questions like- hobbies, likings etc can also become the subject to be included in the piece.

Recording and taking notes are both equally important in interview. If possible i will try to record the conversation while interviewing.

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Hi Nilima,

Interview through phone is not so easy but you could do it. I am really proud of your hard work...Yes I do think about the recording and taking notes are important the same..we should do them both in the same time for our interview. Thanks for sharing your wonderful idea!

Love, Sarvina

Regards, Sarvina from Cambodia VOF 2011 Correspondent

Ya Sarvina very true, well i think we need to purchase a good recorder in case the mobile is not so good!

After reading all optional assignment about the interview, i got to know many things! Its really amazing, isnt it sarvina?


Nilima from Nepal

Yes me too...after reading many ideas so I got many new things how to help my interview better:)

Regards, Sarvina from Cambodia VOF 2011 Correspondent

Interviewing someone over the phone in a long distance area isnt easy really but you really did it well congratulations dear... I really enjoyed reading everyone's experience and suggestions and i have learned a lot from them.... All i can say now is a BIG THANK YOU to all VOF correspondents.

Thank you, it was difficult but it taught something very important, so it was really worthy to do that!

yes i too was reading everyone's experiences and every experiences was something different from other one! thank you to you as well!


Nilima from Nepal