This issue doesn't get enough visibility! The linked article (published in Water For People's newsletter, Connections) describes the problem and an inspiring start at a solution. Nina

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Hi Nina,

Thank you for sharing this article. It's true that the global north is becoming more aware of water issues in the global south, but I don't think that the added issue in India (and surely other countries) of hygiene for women in connection to menstruation is well known or talked about.

Thank you for bringing our attention to this problem. I look forward to learning more about Water for People and the good work that you around the world in human development.

Cheers, Jade

Hello, Nina. You may want to contact Urmila Chanam , a World Pulse sister in India, who has started a menstruation education campaign. Two other World Pulse sisters, Nigerian Olutisin Oladosu and Canadian Sharon Multani-colebrook assisting in her efforts to supply washable sanitary protection to girls and women.

Continue being a blessing. Yvette