I like to watch everything. Whenever I get time I look at the street from the balcony. I can spend my all day by looking at people and thinking about them. I have this habit form my childhood. When I started to understand that I am a girl and I have more obstacles than my brother though he is younger than me. I started to change my thinking and looking at to something in two different ways. One way was as a person and another as a woman.

I used to see other girls around me. I has been compared myself with other women in my community. Everyone has a narrow hope for a girl. My grandmother loves his boy grandchildren than me. My mother kept the big pieces of fish for my father. She did not eat without my father. I do not know, has he ever did it or not. My mother has a soft corner for my brother though she loves me and my younger sister. When I saw girls were walking to the garments factory, I started to think about those girls because I knew they had family, they had to cook, fed their family.

At my childhood, I liked to go the big fields to see that boys were playing but I could not because if any girls entered in the field everybody would laugh at her. I wanted to change that but I was too shy to be against my society. I ridded a little cycle but one day my mother did not allow me to use it. That time I did not argue with my mother. When I ridded cycle boys were looking at me so I also did not want to ride it any more. During my school time I used to walk to my school and I saw boys were standing adjacent to my school and teasing at me and my friends. Whatever I experienced throw my eyes I wanted to change those. I eyes gave me vision and mission to change the way I see. Now I see many girls form many countries have the same mission, many people want same as me. I saw the AUW (Asian University for Women). Many girls from South Asia came here to change the world. Some smart ladies form developed counties to teach them. I see girls are creative they have the ability to get their rights. Those women encourage me to see my path. One day my teacher announced about Pulse Wire at our assembly. I saw her enthusiasm and other student’s joy. Those moments lead me to watch the website. I saw other new path to see and experienced more. I started to walk on the path with many other women. Thanks God, you have given me the ability to see and find out the path. I am glad to be a women as well as a member of Voices of Our Future.
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It is always such a great feeling reading a post like this since I love seeing it happening all over the world like this, reaching out to each other and wanting to make the world a better place.

I like to think of it as more as a drop of water then a path when I think of it. How we are everywhere like rain falling and giving life to plants, tears of joy or sadness running down a cheek, or even just drops in a river heading to the Ocean. It makes me very happy and I love seeing the world through your eyes like this!


Dear Nipo, Thinking alone lead us to find solution and sometimes to convience ourself. But sharing our thought with our global community will lead us to find better solution. Lets think and share our thought with our global community. One day we will change the world. Did you forget our AUW song....................... " We came from many land, great future in our hand, there is no mountain to high, Which we can't fly..............

Asian University for Women, Women will change the world, Access Academy students are we, We will Lead the World."

But now not only our University but also our global community is with us. They are helping to raise our voice. Keep it up. I am always with you. Thanks Sunita

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet

Dear Nipo,

Though we live in different sides of the world, I felt similiar things growing up as a girl in the United States. There are certain things 'expected' of girls, 'proper' ways in which we should communicate, walk, eat, wear - etc. I saw these things and even more so, felt them. Deep in my heart. I had no idea there were women all over the world experiencing these same feelings until I left for college and met women from all over the world - what freedom! To share such personal stories and struggles with other women.

I'm so glad this is also happening for you - I look forward to reading your future posts and celebrate your journey ahead!


Molly Rudberg-Leshnock Curator of Leadership Brand Storyteller mrudberg@mrlpro.com


I did not know that other women are also thiking like me so , I am not alone. I alway think that many people around me want to change , many people want to make a better world but why is not happening. I do not understand if most of the people do not want the rules as it is so how can other people leading the rules in the wrong way? What is the lacking ? As I understand thought there are many people in the world want to change but they are not connected , they do not know that they are not alone. If my point is one of the problems , your comments are the strenght for those kind of people. Thanks everybody who encouraged me and welcome to be the strenght of changing.

With love and respect Nipo



I am so glad you were introduced to Pulse Wire and have felt the power of its global connections. I look forward to hearing more about your visions for the future and your ideas to shift those gender roles and power struggles that you felt even as a child - a very moving entry...

Best of luck to you,



I enjoyed reading your post. It got me thinking about how writers are watchers. It takes a unique clear vision to be a writer and that may be why so many writers are also activists. Vision is the first step towards a new reality and language is the road vision walks.