My steps on World Pulse begin with my journey on Asian University For Women (AUW). Before I joined AUW, I was unknown about World Pulse but here my senior told me about world pulse and its social services. I was surprised and excited to know about such an organization working for women empowerment and education through internet .I became curious to know about world pulse and I opened my account with lots of curiosity. When I was told to submit my profile, I felt so glad and proud because it was my first time to introduce myself throughout the world. I made my personal account just to fill up my curiosity to know about World Pulse and its services but when I started to read the journal posted, I felt the decision to join World Pulse was the best decision I have ever made. I was so surprised and felt pain in my heart when I read a story of Sudan women. I got to read about a European girl’s successful story which encouraged me to help women. I too could feel the pain for a girl who is millions of meter far from me by reading her painful story about her life. Sometimes sharing our pain make us feel relief and World Pulse is the best way to share our feeling. I have always dream to work for the empowerment of women as the situation of women is worst in my counrty Nepal.My aunt was killed by her husband because she was unable to give birth to a boy child that was the time when I realized I should do something to educate and empowered women. If she was educated and had courage to protest her husband touchier, she shouldn’t have to lost her life. I was always in search of an institute whose thoughts are similar to mine and I found World Pulse to be the best to rise my and mine women’s voice as I believe raising voice is to protest against the one who tries to suppress our thoughts and voice. From my childhood, I came to face and know about different problems face by women on my country. So, I was always aiming to work for women not only educating them but also empowering them.In my country due to lack of self empowerment many women lost their life every year .My cousin who was doing her graduation got married, but after 2 months of her married she did suicide because she couldn’t face the touchier given by her new family as she hasn’t brought downy. This was the sad story of my sister who was educated but lack of self-empowerment, she lost her precious life. I am always in favor of empowerment of women in addition to educating them and my vision is similar to World Pulse. I believe my journey with World Pulse will help me to raise the voices of women which are suppressed.

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Hi Nisha,

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful sad story to us! So sorry to hear about your aunt and cousin who already died. Your country is not too different from my country but now only some families who use bad violence like that in the family. Most villagers in my hometown always use violence in their family, harm their wives, don't send daughter go to school, young girls are not allowed to go far away from home...etc. So I just want to make a change to stop the violence in my village either my country. And i'm sure you will be a good role model in Nepal....keep it up...! Wish you all the best........

Regards, Sarvina

Regards, Sarvina from Cambodia VOF 2011 Correspondent

Hey Nisha bahini,

Yes, it is your good decision to join world pulse. And did you find the strong voice of women hiding behind the sad stories here? I bet, you did! I wish you all the best for your further journey to the World pulse.

Love, Deepti

Dear Nisha, Your great gift is your ability to empathize with women the world over. You have witnessed firsthand the horror of losing 2 family members to death based on limited opportunities for and oppression of women. Yet, you still feel the pain of your sisters in other countries, such as the girls from Europe and Sudan. You strengthen your voice by writing about specific examples like this. I encourage you to continue to use this technique. From you sister in the US, Jan

Jan Askin

Thank you , for supporting me. we all are human beings and feel a same pain though we may be from different counrty. so lets be togethar to get relief from the pain of distrimination and supression.

Nisha, thank you for telling your story here. You wrote that you were inspired and touched by reading the stories of women from different part of the world on World Pulse. In the same way I am sure that your own story will touch and inspire women across the world. Your story, your voice and your determination to work for the empowerment of women in your community are an inspiration to me. Thank you! Myrthe

Nisha, I am so sorry to hear that you lost both your aunt and your cousin because of violence and depression. You mention a very important distinction, in my opinion, that "education" doesn't always mean the same thing as "empowerment." We often become/feel empowered the more we learn, but if "education" focuses mainly on learning facts from books, we won't necessarily become empowered that way.

I am glad that you found World Pulse, and I look forward to learning more about Nepal through your stories! Thank you! Your "sister" in the US, Judy