Largest Democracy or Largest 'Demon' crazy nation

Posted October 30, 2011 from India
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This post is not gonna be something different than what others have expressed as yet. Mumbai has been shaken with a recent event. Or probably I am exaggerating things a bit. A few 'awakened' souls have been shaken to the core, because of a recent event. I need not write about all the details. This link gives a good enough description of what happened. More blogs can be read here.

I am in Delhi and now disturbed to know that this kind of thing can happen in my most favorite city. A group of friends, who go out and hang around their favorite places. They do their regular stuff, something that they do always. Gosh!!! That sounds so like me and my friends. Some practices that we follow whenever I am in Mumbai. Dinner at the favorite restaurant, ordering your favorite pasta, sizzler and drinks. And then hanging around favorite places. We do that too.

This group of friends then face a conflict situation, something that our law terms as 'outraging a woman's modesty'. Hell, the law is garbage. Women's modesty!!! my foot. What would you and your friends do when someone acts smart. They retaliate, they respond with anger. Something that any normal red blooded human would do. I and my friends would have done the same. We would have retaliated. But this time the pervert, simply takes offense, on 'Ladki hai toh hero banta hai kya' as if the girl is an object, like a ferrari or a limousine. I would have beaten the hell out of a low lying gutter ka scum if he had referred to me like that. To hell, with the consequences.

However, this low life, does not take a lesson that it is him who is in fact 'outraging the modesty of a woman'. He brings every other low life, gutter ka scum with him and they bring with themselves all weapons that they could lay their hands on. What is even more shocking is that none of them spares a minute of thought on what they are doing. Scuffle breaks out and a young life is snuffed out. Just like that. How evil they must be that they continue attacking him even when he has fallen down and they can very visibly see that he is injured gravely. Is it possible that they are humans at all. I doubt that.

Would I and my friends have done that. Yes, absolutely yes. They would have stood their ground. Stood up for my dignity and their own. These hooligans cannot be allowed to govern our cities and its roads. I am, in the meanwhile shaken / outraged / angered by the following: -

  1. Absolute apathy of the bystanders: - Meri Mumbai, Teri Mumbai?? I had heard that everyone has a place in Mumbai. Mumbai accepts everybody and everyone. Really??? Where was this spirit when these young people were attacked? Where were the bystanders, who have so valiantly helped those injured in bomb blasts? Where is the never -say -die spirit of Mumbai? Or probably all of this is actually apathy rather than the so called spirit. I loved Mumbai. It was the city that gave me wings. I was happy that I could hang around late at night and still feel secured. I used to say to my parents - I can take a late evening flight and arrive late in Mumbai but not in Delhi.' Now I am not sure.
  2. Disinterest of the Media and Politicians: - Oh no!!! How can we blame the media, when it is so busy covering, Aishwarya's pregnancy and her Diwali, SRK's Ra. One, chinks in the Anna team's armor (didn't I tell you so). There is no god - damned mention of this incident in the media. Its taken as a one off event. Suppressed effectively by our politicians, I think. A friend posted that a Congress politician is actually roping in a lawyer for defending the killers. Really, now now. How can you blame the politicians also. They work so tirelessly to ROB US OF OUR OWN HARD EARNED MONEY. Or no wait. Mumbai Shri Ram Sena and Shiv Sena and numerous monkey senas are so damn busy just getting the names of the streets changed, no??
  3. Inaction of the Cops. What to say of them. They too work hard no. To just make themselves even more fatter, their paunches hanging out or oh wait. Mumbai cops are even better than that. They RAPE women in a public place, in full view of people, buckle up their belts and say 'Main ek Mumbai cop hoon, ukkhad lo jo ukkhadna hai.' That is what they are good at. They themselves would have molested the women if they were on the crime scene. They dilly dallied while the young group of friends had to take each other's intestines, put them in the barely intact body and rush each other to the hospital. My knees still buckle when I imagine that scene.
  4. Absolute apathy of other human beings: - While there are some who are still recovering of the shocks, and are actually trying to bring justice, there are a couple of others who ask me 'If I would have been there, I wouldn't have stayed for 10 minutes.' Really?? You wouldn't have??? Would you have run like a coward and hidden behind your parents and the sanctity and safety of your home? Would you have rather no retaliated in the first place? Would you have stood mute when a pervert who 'outraged my modesty'? This apathy was also visible when the 15 odd people kept on attacking this young group even when they had fallen. This whole group stood against a just cause. But why was that?

I believe that this group of people was no random group. While there is no question that this was certainly an organized crime, there cannot be any doubt about the fact that this group also comprised of local goons. If that was not true then amongst these 15 people only 4 were arrested. This is deliberately being downplayed because there is not just political backing but these goons are also being maintained by the politicians. If this was any random crowd of people, who belonged to the local slum area, the police would have swooped down, picked them up, thrashed them and handed them over to the law. The police inaction alone seems to be indicative enough of how big nexus is this.

I feel to combat such a nexus, take them piece by piece and rip them apart, as they ripped the young group apart. First get the media to report and follow up. Keep this alive in the general public's mind. Get the cops to act. Follow up with the law. Get the most stringent punishment possible for first - eve teasing and then organized, planned, cold blooded murder. And then once the culprits are arrested, report about the politicians who are involved. The last will be difficult but at least the killers will be brought to book.

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