She Walks in Beauty

Posted June 21, 2010 from India

I'd never thought it would happent to me. But she managed to do it. I thought she would never go for someone like me. I was too quiet and tame for her taste. When I met her almost six years ago, she was just like any other. And I didn't give her a second thought.

But when I met her this time, she'd changed. Or maybe I had. She looked different, felt different and even smelt different. One look at her and she'd managed to trap me. She made a place for herself in my head in an instant and as time went by it just grew stronger. She's an evil temptress. She crept in my thoughts so slowly I never felt her at first. And by the time realisation sunk in, it was too late. She was all over me. She has this power-I'd always heard. But now I knew from experience.

She has a million people who worship her and yet she wanted me too. She loves no one but everybody loves her.

When you're just introduced, you might think there's nothing special about her. But when you've known her long enough you just can't help yourself. You just have to have her. And even though she's not marriage material many would say, she's the kind of mistress any one would want to have. She can be a saint when she wants but drift into moments of absolute sin in just an instant. She's sexy, she's fast and she'll blow your mind.

I was lucky to see both her forms; as a vision in the early morning mist and as a wild party animal in the night. I saw her in the quiet hours when hardly anyone sees her. But I think its when she knows she can be who she wants without her admirers demanding too much from her. I felt at that time that she couldn't get any better. I could sit and stare at her for hours. She was what I call an 'artist's inspiration'. She brought out the writer in me and it was at that time I decided that I want to be with her forever.

But as the day progressed, I saw her tranform into the woman I've always heard about. She started off slowly at first- her pace increasing only by the hour. But by evening she was out of control. Every second got your heart pumping and your blood rushing. She was way too fast for my liking. And yet I could see people around me loving her tempo.

Everytime I thought she couldn't get any wilder she proved me wrong. She could stop traffic if she wanted and get them moving at her command. Everyone was at her mercy and still no one minded it. It was as if everyone was under her spell as her pace got everyone's heart racing to keep up with her. They were aroused by her and she knew it. She could destroy them and they knew it. But they still wanted her. I couldn't understand it but I was as facinated as anyone else would be. To witness someone turn people on with such expertise, it was more than i could handle. And yet I couldn't take my eyes off of her. I didn't want her like everybody else did, but I still wanted to be around her. I wasn't in love with her but I was still spellbound. There was a part of me that wanted to stick around to get to know her better. But the other half warned me I wouldn't be able to handle her. I wasn't ready yet. I wasn't prepared. I needed to be sure she's what I wanted. I needed to be sure I didn't want any other.

She would never be the same all day but she would still stay the same everyday. She's terribly moody and yet its not a flaw.

It makes her who she is .

It's what gives her her identity.

Its what people love most about her.

Its what makes her MUMBAI.

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