Mother like no Other

Posted June 21, 2010 from India

As I sit in my room checking my mails, I hear the clicking of the knife on the chopping board in the kitchen; my mum's trying out a new paneer recipe for dinner. She just got back from a shopping spree with her friends after a long day at school. It makes me wonder: how does she have the strength and will power to even stand in the kitchen, let alone have the enthusiasm to experiment with food for a family who loves to eat!

It's got me thinking-my mum hasn't had it easy.But she sure does make it look so.

I know everybody says that their own mom is the best.And I'm sure it must be true. But I can bet on my life when I say that my mom is THE most talented mom there ever was made. God broke the mold after He made Ma.

Her love for everything creative has been handed over to both my sister and to me.And with my sis taking up the bio-chemist way of life, I feel more like mom than she does.

She's got the best of everything; her paintings have the depth and maturity only somebody with her experience can possess; her food spills over with the joy and love for cooking, and flavours that leave you wanting more; her stories and poems talk of her days in Goa and her passion for life; her attachment to her sewing machine is the result of her own mom's love for stitching that's been instilled in her as well, and Ma's designs have always had both her kids looking pretty all their life so far.

She has always believed that I am someone good.Even though on the outside she may have doubts about certain things, but on the inside, she's already congratulated me on my success.That's how much she believes in me.She's always backed me up whenever I wanted to do something out of the ordinary or something not many people might approve.She was the first to lemme take up Arts in the 11th std,when everybody else told her that I should take up Science.She fully supported me when in school I wanted to take up drama as a career.She was with me all the way when I decided I wanted to pursue journalism even though others told her it wasn't a career for a woman.

I remember some of the most special times spent with Ma: singing on the top of our voices as we recorded songs on the stereo or spending hours painting in a playful painting competition at home or decorating the Christmas tree every year or going crazy at the art supplies store or at the flower market in Delhi.

There are times when I realize that besides my sister and me, she's been a mother and much more to those hundreds of students that she teaches at her school.All my years in school I've always been "Miss Curie's daughter".And even though it used to bug the hell outta me at times, I realized that the phrase was a compliment. Students envied me cuz I was mum's kid.She was(still is) a fun teacher that made everything easier, simpler and more interesting.Her stories were known in every class right from the 3rd std to the 7th(she teaches middle school) and all those passing out from the 7th std still miss her.

There's so much about mum that makes her truly special.Even though there are times I wanna scream at her for not understanding me or even for constantly nagging me to clean out my cupboard, it just makes her more human.I might get mad at her for a million things.But I love her for a million reasons more.

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