I woke up today and opened the Baroda Times to see page3 featuring a story on Goa.my heart immediately did a lil jig. i love reading about Goa. good things though. anyway, i saw the columnist's name and frowned. she gets on my nerves, this woman. she babbles on randomly, never making a point. and then she gets paid for that!

I'm digressing. sorry. I'm as bad as her!

So anyway, the title read "Has Goa lost it's groove?" and i prepared myself to read yet another Goa bashing article(post the tourist tragedies).

This time her complaint was that Goa is losing its charm. its "glamour" if you please. that people are fed up of "the booze and the beach". that life isn't getting anywhere and 'we' need more things to perk it up out there. WE?? well excuse ME if all that your life consists of is parties and celebs wasting themselves!

I get really pissed off when people all over the country associate Goa to just a place of getting sloshed and laying on the beach. it's so much more than that!! its about the people.it's about their hospitality. it's about their smiles. it's about their attitude towards life. it's about being content with what you have. it's about being grateful for all the blessings. it's about the beauty at every inch of the land. it's about the greenery. it's about the swaying coconut trees.it's about the pleasant wind. it's about the red soil. it's about the scents. it's about tiled roofs.it's about the sound of the waves. it's about the sand beneath your feet. it's about the chimes of the church bells. it's about the hugs of the people. it's about the bustle in the marketplace. it's about the cries of the fishermen. it's about the melodies of the folk songs. it's about the strumming of the guitar. it's about the dance at weddings.it's about family. it's about home. it's about laughter. it's about gladness. it's about LIFE..

Feel Goa for what it is..not what the outsiders make it..

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amazing. You have expressed your love and relationship with goa so beautifully.Your journal is simple but hold powerful thougts for Goa.I have been to goa once for about a week and it is an extraordinary place. and yes, it is more than just a beach and a place of booze. we should appreciate the good attitude of the people of goa,the church,no words to describe. Once you go , you dont feel like coming back.

Love you goa and miss you. I hope i get a chance to go goa again. Go Goa.

Peace Pooza